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The start of a new NFL season means another season of fantasy football for many Dallas Cowboys fans. It’s a good time to get together with family, friends, and coworkers, and it’s also a good time to make them laugh by choosing a good fantasy football team name.

Here’s a look at some of the best fantasy football team names for Dallas Cowboys fans, as well as some tips and tricks on picking a good team name.

How to think about Dallas Cowboys fantasy football team names

There are a lot of ways to come up with a good fantasy football team name. What’s important, no matter what, is being creative about it.

As long as the team name is appropriate to friends, family, and coworkers, then it’s probably fair game. Most fantasy football team names are going to be related to the team in some way, often referencing a current or former player.

Bleacher Nation gave a few examples of fantasy football team names for Dallas Cowboys fans, including “Dak’s Dynasty,” “Dak’s Dream Team,” and “Mike’s Masterminds.” But since creativity matters so much, it’s also helpful to think outside the box. This often means coming up with names related to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, the South, etc.

“McCarthy’s Mavericks” is one example, and it’s a good way to reference another local team.

Alternatively, fantasy football team names can be more personalized toward your interests outside of football. A good way to come up with creative names of your own is to randomly combine Cowboys-related words with words related to other areas of interest. From there, it’s as simple as brainstorming random options until one sticks out as a winner.

Funny fantasy football team names for Dallas Cowboys fans

The best part about generating creative fantasy football team names is coming up with humorous choices. Sure, it can be challenging. It’s also rewarding.

It’s a good idea to come up with or use a name that plays into the group’s sense of humor. And for this exercise, it’s also necessary to keep the names family-friendly. 

Dak Prescott’s name, for example, is useful when it comes to making jokes and puns since it flows well. Some examples include:

  • “Dak to the Future”
  • “Baby Got Dak”
  • “Dakstreet Boys”
  • “The Empire Daks Back”
  • “The Dak Pack.”

His last name is also useful for this exercise (see: “Prescott Pass Gods”).

Of course, even more possibilities exist and don’t involve the star quarterback, and fans can get more creative by making meta jokes, such as referencing Shannon Sharpe’s hatred of the Cowboys and his love for the Lakers. An example could simply be “Dallas Lakers.”

Fantasy football team names: Avoid these common mistakes

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While fantasy football team names are an endeavor in creativity and don’t technically require rules, a couple of guidelines should serve you well. Avoid doing the following:

  • Using the same name you used in a prior season. This is simply not creative and can get boring for you and everyone in the group. It’s not a cardinal sin if the team name is truly what you prefer. But using the same name does take away a lot of the fun of making up names. Plus, unique team names can help differentiate between each season.
  • Using a name that was already too overused two years ago. This, once again, has to do with being creative. Teams are supposed to be unique, and using overused team names is the complete opposite.
  • Using your actual birth name. While your birth name is often unique to you, using it as part of a team name is common. As such, this can hurt your creativity.
  • Using a fantasy football team name generator. This is just lazy and is not creative at all.