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Kevin Durant went through one of the most embarrassing online sagas in recent sports memory in 2017. He was exposed for using multiple burner accounts after he accidentally tweeted at an online troll from his verified handle. The tweet was clearly meant to come from one of his burners, so Durant was promptly roasted on Twitter.

Durant must not have learned his lesson, though. The 10-time All-Star recently admitted he still operates multiple burner accounts online. Durant might be an elite basketball player, but he’s not very skilled at taking criticism.

Kevin Durant was exposed for defending himself using burner accounts in 2017

Durant was criticized heavily for bailing on the Oklahoma City Thunder to form a superteam with the Golden State Warriors in 2016. Durant’s Thunder had recently lost to the Warriors in the playoffs, and he immediately jumped ship to join the 2015 NBA champions.

Durant went from beloved superstar to hated frontrunner in the matter of hours. Twitter came to life to crush Durant’s decision in the coming weeks, and Durant just couldn’t take it.

So, he created multiple fake accounts on Twitter with different names. He used them to comment on hate posts about Durant himself, but one time he slipped up.

In September of 2017, Durant accidentally commented from his verified account on a troll’s’ post saying the Thunder weren’t good enough and that he didn’t like head coach Billy Donovan. The tweet was in third-person acting like a stranger coming to Durant’s defense, but it came from his own personal account.

The jig was up.

Durant’s image took a huge blow after his burner saga

After his slip-up, Durant was found to be operating multiple burner accounts on various social media platforms. He had Twitter accounts to clap back at his haters and Instagram accounts used for his private life.

Using fake accounts to communicate with your family and friends is one thing, but using them to defend yourself acting like another person is a whole new level of insecure.

Durant has famously admitted he doesn’t take criticism well, and he copes with it using burners. From then on, Durant became known as soft and insecure off the court. But that wasn’t enough to stop him from using burners.

Durant admits he still uses burner accounts three years later

For most people, any criticism online would force them to change their ways, but not Kevin Durant. Durant is still using burner accounts to respond to his haters, only now he’s open about it.

Durant recently appeared on Barstool Sports’ podcast The Corp, and he didn’t hold back when asked about his burner usage.

I still have burners that I use for sure. I have a burner Twitter account still. When people use that burner thing against me they only thought I was on there just to talk s**t. I was really indulging in a lot of different communities on my burners. When I deleted it I was like ‘these people really made me delete what I enjoy, which is my burner account.’ So, I got another one.

Kevin Durant

Props to Durant for finally owning up to his online antics and embracing them, Just know, if you criticize Durant on Twitter nowadays, you might get a response from @KevinDurantistheGOAT oddly defending his favorite player. It could really just be Durant himself up to his old tricks.


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