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Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski race at Martinsville

Kyle Busch Upset at Martinsville and Wants to ‘Beat the S***’ Out of Brad Keselowski, Uses Offensive Slur and Later Apologizes Just Days After Apologizing to Bubba Wallace for Using Harsh Words a Week Earlier

Kyle Busch directed an offensive slur at Brad Keselowski before suggesting he wanted to "beat the s*** out of him" following the race at Martinsville.

Despite finishing second, Sunday at Martinsville was not a good day for Kyle Busch. First, he narrowly missed advancing to the Championship 4 race by three points. To make matters worse, the two-time Cup Series champion was not happy with the final lap around the half-mile track when Brad Keselowski roughed him up at the end. 

After the race, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver couldn’t hide his frustration with the Penske driver, using an offensive slur while referencing him and suggesting he should “beat the s*** out of him.” Busch later apologized for his offensive comment and it came just days after expressing remorse for his harsh remarks directed at Bubba Wallace at week earlier at Kansas. 

Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski battle on final lap at Martinsville

Many pundits predicted there would be lots of hurt feelings after Martinsville. The playoff elimination race to determine who advanced to the Championship 4 undoubtedly lived up to the hype. Alex Bowman spun Denny Hamlin with seven laps to go and held off Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski to win the race. 

Bowman didn’t have to do a whole lot of defending as Busch and Keselowski were beating and banging behind him, with the No. 2 hitting the left rear of the No. 18 and knocking him into the wall coming out of turn 4.  

Immediately after the cars crossed the finish line, Busch turned left into Keselowski but ironically spun himself out. The No. 2 car then drove around the nose of the sideways No. 18 car around the track. 

Kyle Busch wants to ‘beat the s***’ out of Brad Keselowski, uses offensive slur and later apologizes

Several minutes later, reporters caught up with an unhappy Kyle Busch, who expressed his frustration with what happened on that final lap with Keselowski. 

“Well he drills my ass coming out of 4 for no reason. I mean, where was he going? What was he going to do? Spin me out? He was trying to do a Harvick is what he was trying to do,” Busch suggested, referencing Harvick’s move in last year’s Martinsville race. “For what? For second place? To do what? He wasn’t going to transfer through with that. It’s freaking retarded man. So stupid. I don’t understand these guys. I should beat the s*** out of him right now is what I should do. But that doesn’t do many any good either… I’ve already had to pay enough fines in my lifetime. I’m sure I’ll get another one.” 

Keselowski later responded on Twitter. 

“Since some people are copying me on social media with other’s comments I’ll say this in response – I used to get mad when people said mean things about me and respond out of anger,” he wrote. “Now I just feel bad for them. For their family’s sake, I have no desire to go any deeper than that.”

Busch apologized for his offensive remark via a tweet later in the evening.

“In one of my post-race interviews I used a word I should never use and I want to apologize for it,” he tweeted.

Busch apologized to Bubba Wallace after screaming and cussing at him a week earlier

Busch’s apology is the second in just a few days. Earlier this week, the 36-year-old driver admitted that he had apologized to Bubba Wallace for remarks he made a week earlier at Kansas. During that race in the second stage, Busch was unhappy while racing side-by-side with Wallace and screamed over his radio before directing his anger at the 23XI Racing driver.

“Oh my f****** god, dude. This kid,” he said of Wallace. 

This past week, Busch told FanSided he reached out to Wallace to apologize for his behavior.

“I actually called him yesterday, we talked about it,” Busch admitted. “I was like dude I was in the wrong, you had a good car and a good day. I was frustrated because I was fading and going backwards. I’m not used to really racing him and so he had a good day and I didn’t have that good of a day so we met there.”

With one more race remaining in the season, does Busch have one last outburst in him or is his elimination from playoff contention enough to calm him down? Race fans will have to wait and see.  

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