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Laila Ali lived in the shadow of her father Muhammad and his legacy throughout most of her youth. At 21 years old, she began establishing her own path when she stepped into the ring in 1999. Ali had a very successful career in boxing until she retired in 2007. Four months after Ali retired, she married former NFL receiver Curtis Conway. The two have been married for 13 years and have two kids together. Between Ali and Conway, who has the higher net worth?

Laila Ali followed in famous father’s footsteps

When Laila Ali told her father Muhammad she wanted to pursue a boxing career, she didn’t receive the response she expected. The legendary boxer warned his daughter it was a “dangerous profession.” Despite her father’s warnings, the 21-year-old began her boxing career on October 8, 1999.

Three years later, Ali was 13-0 and held the WIBA, IWBF and IBA Super Middleweight titles. For the next five years, each time Ali stepped into the ring, she stepped out the victor. In 2007, she retired from boxing with a 24-0 record and had won four title belts.

Upon her retirement, Laila Ali married former NFL player Curtis Conway, and pursued various business opportunities, many of them on television. In 2008, she cohosted an “American Gladiators” reboot with Hulk Hogan. That same year she also joined CBS and worked as a contributing correspondent for “The Early Show.” She has appeared in numerous other shows in recent years, including “Celebrity Wife Swap,” “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and her most recent appearance in 2019 on “The Masked Singer.”

Curtis Conway had successful NFL career

In 1993, the Chicago Bears selected Curtis Conway, a wide receiver at USC, with the No. 7 overall pick in the NFL draft. Conway joined the Bears and saw limited action his rookie season. By the 1995 season, Conway was a featured receiver and hauled in 62 catches for 1,037 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Conway had another solid season in 1996. He caught 81 passes for 1,049 yards and seven touchdowns. He remained in Chicago through the 1999 season before heading out west to join the San Diego Chargers. In San Diego, Conway had his best year statistically from a yardage standpoint in 2001 when he made 71 grabs for 1,125 yards. 

He played for the New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers in the final two years of his career before retiring after the 2004 season. He finished his career with 8,230 yards on 594 receptions with 52 touchdowns.

Following his playing career, Curtis Conway moved up into the broadcast booth. He is currently a studio analyst for the Pac-12 Network and a cohost of “Total Access” on the NFL Network. 

Does Laila Ali or Curtis Conway have a higher net worth?

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With Laila Ali and Curtis Conway both being top-level professional athletes, it would be understandable if the two nudged their kids into athletics. Ali said that’s never been hers or Conway’s style. She said that’s up to the individual child, and as parents they have tried to identify and nurture their children’s interests.

“We want them to stay active and participate in sports, but we don’t make them feel like they have to be athletes because their parents are athletes,” she told Parents.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ali has a net worth of $10 million, and Conway, also has a net worth of $10 million. The duo have admirably worked together as a couple for more than a dozen years in raising Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr., who is now 11, and Sydney, who is 9. In typical mother fashion, Ali loves bragging about her children and recently posted pictures on Instagram, pointing out the striking similarities of her son and her late father.

The partnership of Ali and Conway is refreshing because it shows they have their priorities in order. Despite all the fame, fortune, and their sometimes hectic schedules, they have found a balance that works for them. And that’s something any parent can be proud of.


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