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New York Giants legend Michael Strahan and former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.

Michael Strahan Sends out a Stern Message While Defending Ex-Foe Tom Brady: ‘Shut Your Mouth’

Michael Strahan's New York Giants defeated Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 42. However, Strahan recently sent out a stern message while defending his ex-foe Brady. This is a look back at that Super Bowl during the 2007 season, what Strahan recently said, and Brady’s career accomplishments.

Michael Strahan was one of the best defensive players to ever play in the NFL during his career with the New York Giants. One of Strahan’s most significant accomplishments that really boosted his Hall of Fame resume was winning the Super Bowl during the final season of his career. He ultimately won that Super Bowl over the dynasty that was Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. However, while Brady and Strahan were foes at that point, Strahan recently sent out a stern message while defending Brady.

Michael Strahan and the Giants faced Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl

New York Giants legend Michael Strahan and former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (from right) is sacked by Michael Strahan of the New York Giants during Super Bowl 42 on Feb. 3, 2008. | TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Tom Brady had a ton of success with the New England Patriots. He won six Super Bowls and went to three others.

Of those three that he lost, though, came to the 2007 New York Giants in Super Bowl 42. The Patriots were the heavy favorites in that game as they went into the contest with an undefeated 18-0 record (counting the playoffs), while the Giants went 10-6 during the regular season and had sort of a miraculous run in the postseason.

However, New York ultimately upset New England in the game, as Michael Strahan and the Giants won 17-14 to win the Super Bowl. The Giants got to Brady quite frequently throughout that night, too, as they sacked him five times. Michael Strahan ultimately recorded one of those sacks on a third down during the third quarter. The next play, Brady and the Pats then went for it on fourth down on New York’s 31-yard-line, but Brady’s pass fell incomplete.

The game and moment were certainly the biggest of Strahan’s career. While Brady was his foe in that game, though, Strahan is now defending Brady.

Michael Strahan sent out a stern message while defending his ex-foe

Following his seventh Super Bowl win — this one coming with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Tom Brady joined Michael Strahan in an interview on Good Morning America. Strahan had a message for Brady’s haters, too.

He ultimately posted a clip of the interview on Twitter with the caption, “For all those who still want to hate on [Tom Brady!] Here is my answer. Respect greatness.” 

He then said this in the video.

“For everybody out there — seven rings. Shut your mouth,” Strahan said to Brady’s haters.

That really is the easiest way to shut any Tom Brady haters up. He has won seven Super Bowls, which easily makes him the greatest quarterback of all time.

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl wins have proven his greatness


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For a while, several quarterbacks had a case to claim the greatest quarterback of all time title. Joe Montana was that player in some fans’ minds, while guys like Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, and even Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers had strong cases. However, Tom Brady slammed the door for all of those players to claim that title shut, as he has not only been to 10 Super Bowls and has won seven, but he has also put up some incredible stats throughout his career.

Brady is No. 1 in NFL history in passing touchdowns with 581. He is also No. 2 in passing yards with 79,204. He should break that record with ease this upcoming season, though, as the man who holds it is Drew Brees, and Brees retired this offseason with 80,358 total passing yards.

What makes Brady’s career even more incredible is that he went from winning Super Bowls on the Patriots to winning one in his first season with the Buccaneers at 43 years old. That accomplishment alone was really the feat that ended the GOAT debate as it took away the argument that he was just a quarterback who had success in Bill Belichick’s system.

Tom Brady has clearly proven that he is the greatest quarterback to ever play. Michael Strahan just made sure that his haters know it, too.

Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference