DeMar DeRozan Tells Hilarious Story About How Kobe Bryant Gave Him A Hard Time For Wearing Shoes That Weren’t His

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Kobe Bryant DeMar DeRozan Shoes
Kobe Bryant DeMar DeRozan Shoes

14-year NBA veteran DeMar DeRozan wore Kobe Bryant’s signature shoes throughout his entire career. Except for one game.

His decision to switch things up led to a hilarious exchange with the late legend. The 34-year-old told the story on Podcast P with Paul George.

DeRozan, who grew up in Los Angeles and played for USC, was a big fan of Bryant from the minute that the Hall of Fame guard was drafted into the league in 1996. He grew up wearing Mamba’s sneakers while on the court and continued that trend through college and into the NBA.

However, early in his career, DeRozan’s decision to wear Bryant’s shoes while playing against Bryant came into question. Vince Carter couldn’t believe it.

It was a time I played against Vince Carter. Early in my career, he was like, “Man, you wear those when you play versus Kobe?!”

— DeMar Derozan, via Podcast P

Whatever it was that Carter said to him got in his head. DeRozan made the decision to wear a different pair of shoes during his next matchup against the Lakers.

I was like, “F— it, I ain’t wearing ’em next time I play Kobe.

— DeMar Derozan, via Podcast P

Bryant took note of the change. He did not appreciate the change.

As soon as DeRozan stepped out onto the court next to Bryant, the latter looked down at the former’s feet and questioned his decision to wear a pair of Jordans. His head shook in dissapointment.

We walked onto the court and he looked at me and said: “The F— you got on your feet?”

— DeMar Derozan, via Podcast P

Not only did Kobe Bryant poke fun at DeMar DeRozan for shying away from his sneakers, he tore up the Raptors in a win. And as they walked off of the court, Bryant made sure to get in one final jab about the kicks.

That was all that DeRozan needed to hear!

He never changed things up again. He wears Bryant’s signature shoes to this day.

DeRozan wore them in Toronto and San Antonio, and wears them in Chicago. Even though Mamba is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in a variety of different ways.

Little did he know, DeRozan’s shoes are one of them. Not just because they’re his, but because of the story attached!