Kyle Busch Savagely Mocks ESPN, Including Fake Press Conference, After Network Incorrectly Reported Him Moving to 23XI Racing

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Kyle Busch before Cup Series race

Kyle Busch has had an eventful summer. On Friday, according to ESPN, it got a lot more interesting when the network reported Busch would be joining Michael Jordan, Denny Hamlin, and the 23XI Racing Team in 2022.

However, there was one major problem: The Worldwide Leader got it all wrong. It was Kyle’s older brother Kurt making the move. 

With such an egregious mistake, the two-time Cup Series champion couldn’t pass up an opportunity to mock the network not only in a tweet responding to the news but also by holding a fake press conference addressing the situation.   

Kurt Busch to join 23XI Racing in 2022

Kurt Busch joining 23XI Racing was one of the worst-kept secrets in NASCAR circles. For weeks, it had been reported that the 2004 Cup Series champion would become the second driver with the organization, teaming up with Bubba Wallace

On Friday, it became official.

“I cannot begin to express the gratitude for this opportunity,” Busch said in a statement. “Racing to win is what I live for. Helping to continue developing a new team, alongside Michael Jordan, Denny Hamlin, and Toyota, is exactly what I want to be part of. Winning is important to 23XI, it’s important to Monster Energy, and it’s important to me. That is our goal.” 

Hamlin was understandably pleased to have the veteran driver come on board and join the team, knowing what he brings to the table and how he will be able to help mentor Wallace.

“When we started this team, our vision was to grow a multi-car organization,” Hamlin said in a statement. “To be able to expand in just our second year is a huge step for us. Kurt brings a wealth of knowledge and a championship mindset to our team and will be able to help us grow stronger and more competitive each and every week.” 

Kyle Busch mocks ESPN after network erroneously reports him moving to 23XI Racing

On Friday afternoon, when the news broke that Busch was moving to 23XI Racing, ESPN erroneously reported that it was Kyle Busch, not Kurt, joining the new team in 2022. Kyle took to Twitter, congratulated himself, and at the same time mocked the Worldwide Leader for the inexplicable error.

“Congratulations to me,” he succinctly tweeted, including a screen capture of ESPN’s notification. Busch could have just left it with the single tweet. He did not.

Instead, a couple of hours later, Busch posted a video on Twitter with a mock press conference addressing the situation. He initially said that he would be driving the 32 or 45 car next season (Kurt will officially be driving the No. 45 car). And then Kyle talked about how excited he was to be joining the new team.

“I am so excited,” Busch said. “This is going to be a great opportunity for me. I grew up a huge fan of Michael Jordan. My wife is from Chicago, Illinois. This is going to be a really cool time for me to be able to work with Michael Jordan and to be a part of his race team.” 

Kyle Busch held another fake press conference last month

Interestingly, Busch is no stranger to faux press conferences. Last month, the future NASCAR Hall of Famer met with the “media” following a night out on the town in the Bahamas that involved some type of interaction with local law enforcement. 

Once again, he held a press conference, and posted it to Twitter with a headline that read: “ABOUT LAST NITE.” 

In the 45-second video, Busch answered multiple questions about the previous night’s incident.  

“Everything is great in paradise. We love it. It’s beautiful,” Busch said before being interrupted by a question from one of his friends acting as a reporter. 

“Mr. Busch, according to my notes, as of 11:11 pm last night, I have here that law enforcement may have been involved. Is that true?” his friend-reporter inquired. 

“I can confirm that things did get a little bit rowdy last night,” Busch answered. 

He concluded that press conference with a line he used back in 2019 following a 19th-place finish at Las Vegas: “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.” 

Busch holding fake press conferences has become a thing in the last month. And we’re here for it.

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