NFL: 5 Teams That Should Make a Push to Trade for Ezekiel Elliott

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Adding Ezekiel Elliott would make life easier on 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys are at a contract standstill. Elliott still has two years remaining on his current contract but is already established himself as one of the top running backs in the NFL.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has stated the team can win without him and don’t plan on offering an extension to him anytime soon. Although it is highly unlikely, the Cowboys deal the disgruntled player, today we will look at five teams that can make a realistic run at the Cowboys tailback.

Houston Texans

This is the obvious first choice with the injury of starting running back Lamar Miller. When healthy, Miller can easily surpass 1,000 yards, but a torn ACL has cost him the entire 2019 season. Houston still has a great shot at winning the division with the surprise retirement of Andrew Luck, and uncertainty in Tennessee at the quarterback position.

Adding Elliott to an offense that already includes DeAndre Hopkins and an improving Deshaun Watson could make this a surprise team in the AFC.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are hoping Jimmy Garoppolo will be able to show some of the magic that he had in 2017. He missed most of 2018 due to a torn ACL, and the 49ers have one of the best tight ends in the NFL in George Kittle.

Adding Elliott to this offense could turn the 49ers into a playoff team. The defense has a lot of pressure on the front four, and outside of the L.A. Rams superstar Aaron Donald, Elliott would be able to see plenty of in holes in the NFC West. 

Seattle Seahawks

Outside of Marshawn Lynch, has Russell Wilson ever had an explosive weapon in the backfield? Lynch was a bruising tail back who made things easier for Wilson in crunch time, and we think Elliott could do more of the same. The Seahawks still have a solid defense, and Wilson is one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks, but adding Elliott to the offense would give it a whole new identity.

Elliott could be the final piece the Seahawks need to make a push for a division title.

Los Angeles Chargers

Why would the Chargers trade for Elliott? Because Melvin Gordon has already requested a trade from the team. While Gordon has talent, we view him just a notch below Elliott in terms of talent. Pairing Elliott with Philip Rivers could finally give the underrated quarterback the piece he needs to get the Chargers to the Super Bowl.

The AFC West is weak outside of the Chiefs, and we could see Elliott eclipsing the 1,500 mark behind the Chargers offensive line.

Indianapolis Colts

Adding Ezekiel Elliott could keep the Colts in the playoff picture -- if they can get the Cowboys to trade him.
Adding Ezekiel Elliott could keep the Colts in the playoff picture — if they can get the Cowboys to trade him. | Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Andrew Luck’s retirement stunned the NFL world. However, hope isn’t completely lost for the Colts franchise. Jacoby Brissett takes over as the starting quarterback, and he has plenty of talent to push the Colts into the division championship race. T. Y. Hilton is a speedster on the outside, so pairing him with Elliott should make Brissett’s life a lot easier.

The roster has been retooled from the ground up by the current front office regime, and trading for Ezekiel Elliott would be another excellent move by the franchise.

Will the Cowboys trade Ezekiel Elliott?

We don’t see the Cowboys moving Elliott unless they received another superstar player in return. They hold all the cards with Elliott having two years left on his contract and still have a loaded roster that can contend for a Super Bowl run.

But the question is, will a team make an offer for Elliott? While we don’t think the Cowboys will trade their disgruntled running back, we fully expect at least two of the teams on this list to make an offer.