Reveille: Texas A&M Official Mascot’s History and What Happens If She Barks in Class

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Aggie mascot Reveille X watches from the sideline before a football game

Many college football teams have official mascots. But not many can boast the rich history of Texas A&M‘s beloved dog, Reveille. The mascot has played a vital role in the school’s traditions since 1931. Known as the First Lady of Aggieland, Reveille is one of the most well-known mascots in college football.

Strict rules exist to protect the pup, but there are also some quirky guidelines that all Texas A&M students recognize. For instance, what happens when the Rough Collie barks in class?

The history of Texas A&M official mascot, Reveille the Rough Collie

According to Aggie Traditions, in 1931, a group of cadets were on their way back to campus and hit a black and white dog with their car. They brought the dog back to the dorm, attempting to nurse her back to health while keeping her hidden from staff since dogs weren’t allowed on campus.

When a bugler sounded the “Reveille” wake-up call the following morning, the injured dog started frantically barking, earning her the name still used today. When college football season came around, Reveille was named the official mascot of Texas A&M, earning the honor of leading the marching band onto the playing field.

While once allowed to roam freely around the campus, the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets took over the care and handling of Reveille. In 1944, after serving as the official mascot for 13 years, Reveille I died. The beloved dog received a 21-gun salute during a formal military funeral held at the A&M football stadium, Kyle Field. She was buried outside the north end of the stadium.

Since then, all other deceased Reveilles have been laid to rest by her side. Legend has it there is a “special scoreboard so that they can always watch the Aggies outscore their opponents.”

Are you allowed to pet Reveille?

The student body at Texas A&M loves to get their picture taken with the iconic mascot. Because of her immense popularity, stringent rules exist regarding touching Reveille and whatever the handler says goes. You are not allowed to pet the dog’s head, pull her up close, or attempt to hug her.

The school asks that you never crowd the hard-working pup. When she gets tired, the handler can opt to give her a break or end the activity for the day.

How many Reveilles have there been at Texas A&M?

Ten dogs have earned the honor of being Reveille. Mascot Corporal Lucas Scroggins of Company E-2 handles the current mascot, Reveille X.

After the passing of Reveille I, several unofficial mascots took over for about eight years until a Shetland Sheepdog finally earned the title of Reveille II. The third mascot, Reveille III, was the first full-blood Rough Collie. Ever since then, the dog has been of that breed.

Reveille X, a sable-and-white American Rough Coat Collie, was born in Topeka, Kansas, on September 5, 2019. She was donated to the school by an award-winning kennel and assumed her new role as mascot in May 2021. A Texas A&M Today press release revealed Reveille IX, who was eight years old, was ready for retirement and moved to a life-care center operated by the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.

What rank is Reveille?

Reveille is the highest-ranking member in the Corps of Cadets. She proudly wears five silver diamonds, whereas the Corps Commander only wears four. The dog has a busy schedule. Reveille attends football games, goes to class with her handler, and appears at promotional and charitable events on and off campus.

The high-ranking dog also has special privileges. For instance, if she falls asleep in the handler’s bed, the cadet must find another place to rest since the canine outranks him.

Another time-honored tradition — with an unknown origin and not deemed mandatory — claims that if Reveille barks in class, the professor can dismiss the class. The student body stands behind this tradition 100%.