The Boston Bruins Racked Up a $150,000 Bar Tab After Winning the 2011 Stanley Cup

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The Boston Bruins had one of the most legendary Stanley Cup celebrations after their 2011 NHL championship, but it cost them a ton.

There’s only one logical thing to do after winning the Stanley Cup — party hard. That’s exactly what the Boston Bruins did in 2011 after beating the Vancouver Canucks to win the NHL crown. A few days after their Game 7 win, the Bruins hit the town to celebrate, and they didn’t hold back. The team racked up an obscene bar tab totaling over $150,000 in drinks and service.

The Bruins won the Stanley Cup Final in 2011

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The Canucks were the heavy favorites to lift the Stanley Cup at the end of the 2011 season. Vancouver went 54-19-9 during the regular season to earn the No. 1 seed in the conference. The Canucks led the NHL in goals scored (262) and fewest goals allowed (185) throughout the season, and they cruised to the Stanley Cup Final.

That’s where they met the Bruins, a sturdy defensive squad with an outside chance at an upset. The Canucks handled their business at home for the first two games of the series, but the Bruins struck back with two wins of their own in Games 3 and 4.

Vancouver barely won Game 5, and Boston dominated Game 6 to send the series to a decisive Game 7. To that point, every home team had won the first six games of the series. The Canucks had a chance to close out the Stanley Cup Final in their home stadium in front of the Vancouver faithful.

The Bruins had other plans. Boston jumped out to an early lead and never looked back, winning 4-0 in the end. The team flew back to Boston and celebrated expensively a few days later.

The Bruins racked up a $150,000 bar tab after winning the Stanley Cup

The Washington Capitals went viral a few years ago with their extensive celebration following their Stanley Cup win. Before social media was prominent, though, the Bruins threw a party for the ages.

A few days after clinching the Cup, the Bruins celebrated with a night out at Shrine nightclub in the MGM Grand at Foxwoods. They did not hold back.

The massive bill included nine bottles of Grey Goose vodka, 35 jager bombs, 135 Bud Lights, and numerous bottles of top-shelf champagne. The kicker? A $100,000 bottle of Ace Midas wine.

The total came out to $156,679.74. That included a service charge of nearly $25,000. Imagine being the lucky waitress to score that tip.

Who ended up paying the obscene bill?

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After Darren Rovell of the Action Network shared an image of the bill on Twitter Monday, former NHL player Colby Cohen jumped in to confirm its authenticity. “I can confirm the bill was 100 [percent] real,” Cohen tweeted.

In the comments, Cohen offered a few details into that legendary night out. He said the club gave the team a free bottle of Ace of Spades, adding that the bottle was taller than him.

Cohen went on to say a few veterans were kind enough to pick up the bill. The only one he named specifically was team captain Zdeno Chara. Who knows whether any of his teammates paid him back for the extremely kind gesture.