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The 2023 NFL schedule came out in full on Thursday, May 11, and as with everything the league does, it tries to make this announcement a big deal. However, the official announcement show isn’t the real draw. In the last few years, the individual teams have engaged in an unofficial competition as to which social media team can put together the best, funniest, most creative NFL schedule release videos.

This offseason, teams raised the bar, with many putting out incredible schedule release videos that were chock-full of famous faces, cool animation, NFL stars, and new technology. And just like the NFL season, several (social media) teams rose to the top and took the title for best NFL schedule release videos.

Here are the top five ranked.

5 best 2023 NFL schedule release videos

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A Tennessee Titans fan during the NFL Draft | Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire

5. Denver Broncos

The Broncos pulled out its driest, funniest weapon for their NFL schedule release video: Former quarterback Peyton Manning. With the help of the Broncos mascot, Manning played the role of Michael Scott from The Office with the help of actor Angela Kinsey, who played Angela Martin on the TV series.

Angela and Miles resurrect The Office’s party planning committee, and the video gives fans plenty of Easter eggs to look for from the hit show. It’s not Manning’s funniest work ever, but it’s a solid NFL schedule release video.

4. Chicago Bears 

A little more niche than The Office, the Bears broke out a parody of the recent FX hit, The Bear. In the show, a big-time chef comes home to Chicago to run his family’s sandwich shop. In the 2023 NFL schedule release video, Bears icon Charles “Peanut” Tillman plays the role of head chef, leading a host of current Bears players, including Justin Fields, through a day in the kitchen.

This schedule release video is more cool and Chicago-centric than the broad Broncos parody. But fun and interesting cameos from people like WWE superstar Seth Rollins and internet sensation Annie Agar give this one a slight edge over Denver’s in the best schedule release videos category.

3. Detroit Lions 

The Detroit Lions 2023 NFL schedule release video starts with a disclaimer that they don’t condone the use of AI to deep fake people’s voices without consent. But then it goes into five minutes of AI-generated voices of head coach Dan Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes playing Madden together.

The Lions’ social media team used AI to make it sound like Campbell and Holmes are two young gamers, dropping all the latest slang. Campbell saying “mad sus” and Holmes making a “deez nuts” joke is funny, but making fun of the quarterback they made leave the NFC is the best bit.

2. Los Angeles Chargers 

Last year, the Chargers won the 2022 NFL schedule release videos competition with some incredible anime renderings of their 2022 opponents. This year they went back to the well, which dings them a tiny bit, but the video was still one of the best schedule release videos out there.

Among the most savage animated highlights of the video are the Dallas Cowboys content team driving a bus over Dak Prescott and on-the-run fugitive “Chiefsaholic” cutting his ankle monitor. However, the real dagger is sharing the ubiquitous gambling helpline info while announcing the Week 7 game vs. the gambling suspension-ravaged Detroit Lions.

1. Tennessee Titans 

By far, the most hilarious and best schedule release video in 2023, though, goes to the Tennessee Titans. The Titans social team took to the streets of Nashville — specifically the famed strip of bars on Broadway — and asked revelers to identify the Titans’ opponents for this upcoming season by their logos.

The results were incredible.

The group of non-football fans helped announce Titans opponents such as “Lightning McQueen” (Chargers), the Boston Bobcats (Bengals), the 49ers 69ers Stars? (Steelers), and, of course, the Cowboys (Colts) twice.


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