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Match any PGA Tour professional against an amateur golfer and you’ll get a bloodbath. The skill pro golfers possess is hundreds of times better than that of a regular Joe. However, if you put four amateurs together to face one Tour pro, you might have a chance. The four-member golf podcast, Fore Play, teamed up to challenge Kevin Kisner in a scramble match last week, and they actually beat him. But, how?

Kevin Kisner is the 36th ranked golfer in the world

If you aren’t impressed that an amateur foursome didn’t beat a big name such as Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy, think again. Kevin Kisner is no scrub. He’s the 36th ranked player in the Official World Golf Rankings.

Being 36th in the world at any task is impressive, especially golf. Kisner is ranked higher than major winners Sergio Garcia, Jason Day, and Jordan Spieth. The former Georgia Bulldog was ranked as high as 14th in the world in his prime.

Kisner has three PGA Tour wins in his career. He probably thought he had another easy one against the Fore Play podcast, but he was proven wrong.

Who are the Fore Play podcasters?

Fore Play is a podcast on the Barstool Sports network hosted by four amateur golfers. It boasts itself to be the podcast “by common golfers, for common golfers.”

The four podcasters go by the names Riggs, Trent, Frankie, and Lurch. None of them are even close to professionals, but that’s exactly the angle they take with their content.

The group talks about everything from weekly news on the PGA Tour to shanking wedge shots. Their self-deprecating conversations connect to the everyday golfers who are always trying to improve their game.

Fore Play has befriended many PGA Tour pros since the start of the podcast. Even Tiger Woods says hello when he sees the crew at a Tour event. Kisner has become one of the group’s closest companions on the professional circuit. The two parties agreed to a scramble match at iconic Pinehurst No. 2 to settle the debate: Can a four-man scramble team beat a PGA Tour pro?

The Fore Play team beat Kevin Kisner on the final hole


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Kevin Kisner met the Fore Play boys at Pinehurst No. 2 last week to settle the debate. It was a closely contested match throughout, with both teams taking small leads at some point during the round.

In the end, it came down to the final hole. With Fore Play holding a one-up lead, they were faced with a long par putt as Kisner sized up a birdie look from the same distance.

After three misses, Riggs drained the par putt on the team’s final attempt. Kisner barely missed his birdie putt, and Fore Play went on to win the match.

Individually, each of the Fore Play golfers would’ve gotten smoked by Kisner. But collectively, they shocked the world and took down the world No. 36.