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The Philadelphia Eagles had high hopes coming into the 2020 season after another NFC East title, but things haven’t exactly gone as planned so far.

After their 30-28 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, the Eagles fell to 1-4-1 on the season. The team allowed fans into Lincoln Financial Field for the first time this season, and Philly fans did what Philly fans do. A few of them even went viral for getting into a brawl in the stands after the loss.

The Eagles have struggled to start the season

A year after sneaking into the 2019 playoffs with a 9-7 record and a battered offense, the Eagles were excited to get everyone back healthy and compete for another NFC East title. Six games into the season, though, they’re right back where they were last year.

Injuries have ravaged the Eagles on offense yet again this season. DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffery, and rookie first-round pick Jalen Reagor have all been on the sidelines for the past few weeks. Both Dallas Goedert and Zach Ertz are now injured. The offensive line is down to just one starter from Week 1.

Carson Wentz just can’t seem to catch a break. He hasn’t played particularly well this season, but what quarterback would with the unfathomable amount of injuries surrounding them?

The Eagles have hung tough in most of their games this year, but they find themselves 1-4-1 as they approach the midway point of the season.

Philadelphia fans are back in Lincoln Financial Field

After two home games with nothing but cardboard cutouts in the stands, the Eagles finally allowed fans to attend games at Lincoln Financial Field ahead of their matchup with the Ravens on Sunday.

The team announced prior to the game that 7,500 fans would be admitted into the 70,000-seat stadium. The news came as a mixture of good and bad for the Eagles, who have some of the most passionate fans in the business. On one hand, they could use the spark fans give against one of the best teams in the NFL. On the other, those same fans wouldn’t hesitate to boo them off the field after a poor performance.

Thankfully for them, the Eagles put up a valiant fight against the Ravens, but they ultimately fell 30-28 in the end. The fans really had no reason to be upset with the effort, but that didn’t stop them from getting violent in the seats.

Eagles fans brawl in the stands

Philly fans must’ve been itching to get back into the Linc and start some trouble because it only took one game for them to go viral for starting a brawl in the stands.

After the game, a video appeared online of an extra-passionate fan charging down isles of seats to fight a Ravens fan in the stadium. Of course, the Eagles fans in the area backed up their brethren by jumping into the scrum and pounding the Baltimore supporter.

The Ravens might’ve left Philadelphia with a victory, but Eagles fans didn’t go down without a fight — literally.