Robert Rozier Went From NFL Player to Black Supremacist and Convicted Serial Killer

Robert Rozier wasn’t in the NFL long, but he might have the craziest story in league history. After quitting football, he joined a religious cult called “The Brotherhood.” Yahweh ben Yahweh, the leader of the black supremacist group, forced members to murder people and return with their body parts. Rozier committed numerous murders during his time with the group, and he’s now serving 25 years to life in prison.

Robert Rozier played in the NFL for 1 season

Robert Rozier was born in Anchorage, Alaska, but moved with his family to California to attend Cordova High School, where he started playing football. Rozier began his collegiate career at Aberdeen Junior College, but he eventually transferred to California Berkley to play defensive end.

Rozier was selected by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 9th round of the 1979 NFL draft, but he didn’t last long in the league. The defensive end was cut after just six games with the Cardinals. He never played a game in the NFL again.

The next year, Rozier played for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders in the Canadian Football League. He got one more chance at the NFL afterward with the Oakland Raiders, but he only lasted two weeks with the team.

Robert Rozier joined a black supremacist cult after quitting football

Football players explore all sorts of different avenues after leaving the NFL. Some decide to get into the coaching or ownership world after their playing days. Some start their own businesses or join promising start-ups. Robert Rozier went a much different route.

Rozier, who was extremely religious for most of his life, joined a cult called the Nation of Yahweh. Otherwise known as The Brotherhood, the Nation of Yahweh became a radical black supremacist group in Miami, Fl. throughout the 1980s.

The group followed the teachings of Yahweh ben Yahweh. His followers referred to him as the son of God. Most people, including the Miami mayor at the time, respected Yahweh as a valued member of the community and a charitable figure. They had no idea how violent the group was.

In reality, Yahweh was instructing his followers to murder numerous people, and the group carried out multiple murders in their headquarters called “The Temple of Love.”

Yahweh might’ve never been convicted for his crimes if it wasn’t for Rozier.

Rozier testified against Yahweh and admitted to murdering 6 people


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Yahweh and multiple members of The Brotherhood were arrested in 1990 after 14 killings led back to the group. The evidence in the case was thin, but Robert Rozier’s testimony sealed the fate of Yahweh and the entire cult.

Rozier confessed to murdering six people on Yahweh’s command. The former NFL player explained that he was part of a group called the Death Angels. After a Death Angel would commit a murder for Yahweh, they would also be forced to bring back a piece of the victim’s ear.

Yahweh was eventually found guilty of plotting 14 murders, two attempted murders, and a terrorist bombing. Rozier was also found guilty of murder, and he was sentenced to 22 years in prison. He also entered the Witness Protection Program.

That wasn’t the end of Rozier’s story, though. After being freed, Rozier committed check fraud and was sentenced to 25 years to life. He remains in prison today.