Texans Under Fire Again for Another Shady Deshaun Watson Situation

Despite not playing for the Texans anymore, Browns QB Deshaun Watson just cost his franchise a fifth-round draft pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Tim Crean  •  23 Mar 2023
Browns’ $230M Deshaun Watson Contract Mistake Keeps on Hurting With Historic Cap Hit

The cap hit in 2023 for the Deshaun Watson contract is historic and just another reason the Browns made a $230 million mistake.

Tim Crean  •  21 Feb 2023
Browns Already Wasted $45 Million on Deshaun Watson, and a $230 Million Disaster Isn’t out of the Question

It already seems too late for Deshaun Watson to save the Browns’ season, and with the way the team is built, he may never find success in Cleveland.

Tim Crean  •  28 Oct 2022
The Deshaun Watson Compromise Is Awfully Convenient for the NFL — Or Perhaps Part of the Punishment

Deshaun Watson’s 11-game suspension ends just as the Cleveland Browns prep to play the Houston Texans.

Luke Norris  •  22 Aug 2022
Jalen Ramsey Deletes Tweet Criticizing Kyle Brandt’s Deshaun Watson Rant

Jalen Ramsey called out Kyle Brandt for his takedown of Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns but eventually took down the tweet.

Tim Crean  •  20 Aug 2022
List Of Games Deshaun Watson Will Miss During 6-Game Suspension and Win-Loss Predictions

If the Deshaun Watson suspension stays at six games, here is what the Cleveland Browns record could be when he gets back.

Tim Crean  •  01 Aug 2022
Deshaun Watson Declares His Intention to Sue NFL

A ruling on a Deshaun Watson suspension could be coming soon, but the saga of the Cleveland Browns QB is far from over.

Tim Crean  •  18 Jul 2022
Deshaun Watson’s Lawyer Rusty Hardin Defends ‘Happy Endings’: ‘It’s Not a Crime Unless You Are Paying Somebody Extra’

Deshaun Watson is under fire for his conduct with masseuses and his lawyers passionate defense of ‘happy endings’ probably isn’t helping.

Tim Crean  •  04 Jun 2022
‘Real Sports’ Exposé Encouraged a 23rd Accuser to Sue Deshaun Watson: ‘His Behavior Grew Worse’

A 23rd accuser claims she got the confidence to come forward and file a lawsuit against Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson from an HBO show.

Tim Crean  •  02 Jun 2022