The Cincinnati Bengals have drafted their quarterback of the future in Joe Burrow. They are, however, about to waste $36 million.

The Cincinnati Bengals Are About to Foolishly Waste $36 Million

Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals have a lot to be excited about. Their team just drafted a franchise quarterback in Joe Burrow, who was also raised in the state of Ohio. The Bengals also drafted an excellent weapon for Burrow in wide receiver Tee Higgins. However, fans should actually be furious at their team. The …

Peyton Manning was the man for the Indianapolis Colts. He had so much say in the offense that he even benched a wide receiver once.

Peyton Manning Once Benched a Colts WR for Not Using Two Hands

Peyton Manning was the man in Indianapolis. His immense amount of success allowed him to call the shots on offense. This was clear whenever he went up to the line of scrimmage and started yelling out all of his audibles. However, Manning did not just change plays. He even benched players at times. Former Indianapolis …