Tim Duncan Once Revealed What Life Would be Like if Drafted by a Big-Market Team Like the Knicks: ‘It Would Have Been Torture’

Tim Duncan once revealed what it would’ve been like had he been drafted by a big-market team.

Mike Thomas  •  05 Sep 2021
Tim Duncan Made Over $242 Million in the NBA, but He Always Dressed Like He Was ‘Straight Out the Trailer Park’

San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan is one of the richest NBA players of all time, but the money never changed his unique sense of style.

Jack Dougherty  •  14 Jun 2023
Tim Duncan Finally Revealed Why He Never Talked Trash to Kevin Garnett or Anyone Else

Tim Duncan is one of the most respected players of his generation. So why didn’t the NBA champ ever use his respect to talk trash?

Scott Jenkins  •  04 Feb 2021
5-Time NBA Champion Tim Duncan Did Not Start Playing Basketball Until He Was 14 Years Old

For someone who did not start playing basketball until he was in high school, Tim Duncan turned out to be one of the NBA greats.

Kevin Moore  •  05 Jun 2023
Tim Duncan Turned a Fear of Sharks Into a $242 Million NBA Career

When you think of former San Antonio Spurs big man Tim Duncan, certain words probably spring to mind. Maybe you associate him with winning; alternatively, you could remember his famous bank shot as either boring or fundamentally sound. In all likelihood, however, you probably wouldn’t call him scared. Even Tim Duncan is human, though. In […]

Joe Kozlowski  •  02 May 2020
Tim Duncan Once Lost Over $20 Million and Was Not Fazed by It

Tim Duncan made — and lost — a lot of money throughout his NBA career.

Kevin Moore  •  05 Jun 2023
The Most Painful Moment of Tim Duncan’s NBA Career

The 2013 NBA Finals gave Tim Duncan one of the most frustrating moments in his career. It also could’ve changed the legacies of all involved.

Darrelle Thompson  •  11 Apr 2020
Stephen Jackson Almost Got Kicked off the Spurs for Playing Paintball With Tim Duncan

The 2002-03 won the NBA title, but a paintball incident during the preseason almost derailed the team before the season even started.

Jack Dougherty  •  08 Apr 2020
Why an NBA Ref Challenged Tim Duncan to a Fight Then Got Suspended and Sent to Therapy

In 2007, NBA referee Joey Crawford ejected Tim Duncan for laughing. The NBA fined Duncan but suspended Crawford and ordered him to see a psychiatrist.

Kyle Dalton  •  09 Apr 2020