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Brennan Eagles was one of Texas‘ most productive wide receivers a season ago. As just a sophomore, he scored six touchdowns and averaged 16.3 yards per catch in 2019. Eagles is still young and developing as a receiver, but he’s taking a stand for what he believes in off the field. The Longhorns‘ deep threat is fighting against racial injustice just like so many athletes have been recently, but Eagles is taking it a step further. He recently stated he won’t play another snap of football until racial injustice and police brutality are fixed in this country.

Brennan Eagles’ football career

Brennan Eagles barely saw the field in his freshman season at Texas, but he broke out last year as a sophomore. He caught at least one pass in every game last season, and he was a threat to score every time he touched the ball.

Eagles had his breakout game in week 1 against Louisiana Tech. The sophomore caught two touchdown passes in the win. A week later, Eagles snagged five passes and scored another touchdown against LSU. He also put up a career-high 116 receiving yards against the eventual national champions.

Eagles served as Texas’ primary deep threat in 2019. He led the team in yards per reception with an average of 16.3. He also caught six touchdowns, good for the second-most on the roster.

After a stellar year and two key departures at wide receiver, Eagles was poised to jump into the No. 1 or No. 2 spot on the depth chart. That is if he even suits up in 2020.

Athletes from around the world are taking a stand against racial injustice

The death of George Floyd triggered protests and calls for action all around the country, and even athletes are making their voices heard. Everyone in sports from Michael Jordan to Aaron Rodgers is speaking out against police brutality and racial injustice across America.

Professional athletes are even joining protestors to march in the streets. When it comes to the issue of black oppression and widespread racism, athletes have had enough.

Many have used their social media accounts to raise awareness and call for action. Others have started petitions and donated millions of dollars to help the fight for true equality. Eagles is taking it a step further.

Brennan Eagles vowed not to play another snap until the system is fixed

While all other athletes around the country are calling for change and protesting with the rest of America, Eagles is taking a stand of his own. In a statement released on Twitter last Thursday, Eagles pledged to not play another down of football until racial injustice is no longer an issue in the country.

“Athletics brings people together all over but at the end of the day I’m not going to play another snap knowing what’s going on in our society due to color and the system being broken,” Eagles said in a Twitter statement.

Eagles, like much of the country, is fed up with the treatment black people receive in America because of the color of their skin. It remains to be seen whether Eagles will sit out the 2020 season, but he made his point clear last week.

All stats courtesy of Sports Reference