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According to many draft experts, Trevor Lawrence is expected to be the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars know what kind of player they’re getting in Lawrence based on what he accomplished on the field in his last three seasons with the Clemson Tigers

But Lawrence has displayed throughout his college career he’s more than just a quarterback. He is outspoken on a variety of things off the field. This weekend he let his voice be heard on Twitter expressing his displeasure with singer Lil Nas X and his new limited edition “Satan Shoes.”

Trevor Lawrence used his platform in the past

Since Trevor Lawrence arrived at Clemson, he had a platform and took advantage of it, especially during his final season. In March 2020, Lawrence launched a GoFundMe page to help raise money for family relief and support for coronavirus victims.  

In the midst of cries for social justice following George Floyd’s death, he helped lead a march on campus. He didn’t stop there. He announced a five-point plan on behalf of the players for “actionable steps to create real change” in the fight against systemic racism. 

During the summer, when the college football season was still in doubt due to the pandemic, Lawrence took to Twitter and expressed his desire to play. That single tweet started a movement. The President of the United States joined the movement and later talked to Lawrence about college football returning to action.   

Trevor Lawrence outspoken on Lil Nas X shoes

Trevor Lawrence recognizes the reach of his platform and has used it to promote a variety of causes. On Sunday, he was once again outspoken, but this time he wasn’t promoting anything. Instead, he was critical of the singer Lil Nas X and the unveiling of his new “Satan Shoes.”

The shoes contain 66 CCs of red ink and will contain a drop of human blood mixed with ink in the sole of the shoe. The shoes feature the scripture Luke 10:18, which includes the quote: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” There will only be 666 pairs made available and the release starts at 11 ET on March 29.

Lawrence had a simple reply expressing he was not a fan of the shoes. 

“Line has to be drawn somewhere. Smh,” the quarterback wrote. 

Bringing his talent and voice to the NFL

Trevor Lawrence impressed right from the start at Clemson. His true freshman year, he guided the Tigers to an undefeated season, including a dominating 44-16 win over the No. 1-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide in the national championship.

The Tigers posted a second consecutive undefeated regular season during his sophomore year but lost to LSU in the national title game. Lawrence had another solid season during 2020 but was sidelined for several games after testing positive for COVID-19. 

He returned and led the Tigers to the college football playoff where they lost to Ohio State in the semifinals. In February, Lawrence had surgery on his non-throwing shoulder. Doctors said he should expect to be 100 percent ready for training camp.

Whatever organization ultimately lands him knows it’s not only getting a top-notch football player, but someone who isn’t afraid to express his opinion, even if it’s about a pair of shoes he doesn’t like. 

All stats courtesy of College Football Reference.