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When you think of hot dogs and the Fourth of July, you probably think of the legendary Joey Chestnut. Through the years, Chestnut has become the most dominant competitor in his sport, winning 16 Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contests.

However, Chestnut is not just superior when it comes to eating hot dogs, as he also holds several records for other foods. So exactly how many eating records are we talking about here?

Joey Chestnut has dominated the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

For a decade and a half now, Joey Chestnut has absolutely dominated the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on Independence Day.

Takeru Kobayashi was the king for a while as he won six straight from 2001 through 2006, eating as many as 53.75 hot dogs in one contest during that time.

However, Chestnut dethroned him in 2007 when he won the event for the first time by eating 66 hot dogs, besting Kobayashi’s 63.

Chestnut then went on to win the event eight years in a row through 2014, eating as many as 69 hot dogs during that stretch. 

Matthew Stonie took his crown in a major upset in 2015, but Chestnut reclaimed it in 2016 when he ate 70 hot dogs. He’s won every year since, breaking his own world record several times in the process. He set a new mark in 2018 with 74, broke it in 2020 with 75, and broke it again in 2021 with 76.

In total, Joey Chestnut has won the July 4 spectacle a record 16 times.

What are Joey Chestnut’s other eating records?

As mentioned, not only is the Kentucky native the king of eating hot dogs but the king of all professional eating.

In total, per Major League Eating, Joey Chestnut holds more than 50 official records across more than 50 different disciplines. Take a look.

FoodAmountTime (minutes)
Chicken Wings, Long form18230
Hot Dogs (Men’s Division)7610
Pork, Pulled Sandwiches4510
Tacos (Soft Beef), Taco Bell5310
Hamburgers: Krystals1038
Meat Pies (6 oz.)2310
Eggs (Hard Boiled)1418
Asparagus12 lbs., 8.75 oz10
Pork Ribs13.76 lbs.12
Corned Beef Sandwiches (8 oz.)2010
Apple Pie (3-pound)4.3758
Philly CheeseSteaks (6″)2310
Funnel Cake5.9 lbs.10
Fish Tacos (6 oz.)305
Tacos, Traditional (3-Inch Tortilla)1268
Mutton Sandwiches (4 oz.)8110
Jalapeno Poppers11810
Shrimp Wontons3908
Pork, Pulled9 lbs., 6 oz.10
Horseshoe Sandwiches6 lbs., 5 oz.12
Pork, Pulled Sliders6210
San Pedro Fish Market Shrimp7 lbs.8
Gyros (8 oz.)3010
Pork Roll Sandwiches (4 oz.)61.510
Burritos, Long Form14.510
Boysenberry Pie14.5 lbs.8
Pastrami (7 oz. sandwiches)2510
Gumbo (16 oz. bowls)158
Ice-Cream Sandwiches25.56
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches4710
Poutine28 lbs.10
Shrimp Cocktail18 lbs., 9.6 oz.8
Hostess Donettes2576
Salt Potatoes13 lbs.10
Turkey (Whole)9.35 lbs.10
White Hut Cheeseburgs5210
Pizza Hut P’Zones7.510
Kolache Factory Kolaches568
Brain Tacos548
Pepperoni Rolls4310
Canteen Sandwiches28.510
2-Foot Pizza Slice6.510
Carnitas Tacos (2 oz.)828
H-E-B True Texas Beef Brisket BBQ Sandwiches2710
Waffles, Eggo-Style818
Ramen Noodles (Short Form)10 cups1:50
Cherry Pie17.5 lbs.8
Records courtesy of Major League Eating

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