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Most golfers consider putting to be the most challenging aspect of the game. It’s hard enough to make a tricky five-footer down the hill for par, let alone a 50-footer up and over a ridge. Holing a long putt might be the best feeling in golf right behind a hole-in-one, but it’s an extremely rare feat even for pros. So, what’s the longest putt ever made on the PGA Tour and who sunk it?

What is the longest putt Tiger Woods has ever made?

Tiger Woods owns more iconic moments on the PGA Tour than any golfer who’s ever played the game. He’s widely considered the greatest golfer of all time, as his 82 career wins and 15 major championships speak for themselves.

Every golf fan knows about his prolific resume, but what about his longest putt? It actually happened more recently than you might think.

Woods’ longest putt came from the 2014 WGC Cadillac Championship. On the par-3 fourth hole, he hit a mediocre shot to 91 feet from the pin. Most players try to lag a putt of that length to a few feet and make par, but Woods drained it from nearly 100 away.

Little-known Craig Barlow holds the PGA Tour record for longest made putt

Craig Barlow isn’t a household name in the golfing world, but maybe he should be. In the fourth round of the 2008 Buick Open, Barlow sank a 111-foot putt on the first hole. The putt was even for eagle. Talk about starting your round right.

Barlow is now 47 years old and plays on the Korn Ferry Tour. He doesn’t have a professional win to his name, but he still holds the record for the longest putt made in a PGA Tour event.

One PGA Tour player made an even longer putt from off the green

Craig Barlow may hold the official record for the longest putt made on the PGA Tour, but one player sunk a longer one from off the green. Sang-Moon Bae was playing the par-5 14th hole in the BMW Championship in 2015 when his second she came up short of the green, 40 yards short of the pin.

Bae decided to give it a whack with his putter, and he actually drained the 117-foot shot. Unfortunately for Bae, his ball wasn’t sitting on the green so it didn’t count as an official putt. A tough break for the should-be record holder, but an impressive shot nonetheless.

Michael Phelps made a longer putt than any PGA Tour player ever has


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Michael Phelps is the most accomplished Olympian of all time, but maybe he should give golf a shot in retirement. During a European Tour Pro-Am event in 2012, Phelps canned an unbelievable 159-foot putt from one edge of the green to the other.

It took Phelps almost a full minute to retrieve his ball from the hole. If Phelps was playing in a PGA Tour event at the time, he would’ve easily set the record for the longest putt ever made.

All stats courtesy of PGA Tour and Golf News Net