Who is LaMelo Ball’s Mother, Tina Ball?

Pretty soon, there will be two Ball brothers in the NBA. Lonzo Ball recently finished his third NBA season and his first with the New Orleans Pelicans. His younger brother, LaMelo, will soon become an NBA player after the 2020 NBA draft.

Tina Ball will soon watch her youngest son become one of the newest members of the NBA. The Ball family loves basketball, and that’s something they’ve been a part of their whole lives. It all started with Tina when she played in college.

Tina Ball played basketball in college

Tina Ball was a standout basketball player in high school. She attended Alta Loma High School in California and was a four-year letterwinner there. During her senior year, she was an All-Baseline League selection. She averaged 15.8 points and 18.2 rebounds. After her high school career, she decided to attend California State University, LA.

She spent four years in college, and she put together an impressive career. Ball averaged double-digits in points during her sophomore (12.6) and junior (13.2) seasons. She finished her career averaging 9.4 points and 6.3 rebounds. It was at California State, LA where Tina met LaVar Ball.

The two went on to get married and have three children: Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo. Tina has played a significant role in the family-owned brand called Big Baller Brand. Tina has been a huge supporter of her three sons ever since they were little. The Ball family has gained a lot of recognition due to their family brand and their three sons.

Tina Ball suffered a stroke in 2017

The Ball family suffered a major setback in February of 2017 when Tina suffered a stroke. Tina’s stroke was a huge blow to the family because it was something that nobody saw coming. LaVar and the boys had to realize that Tina would not be the same after her stroke. They made sure to help her throughout her recovery, and that’s something they are still doing. 

A 2019 article from lonzowire.usatoday.com talked about how Lonzo spoke out about Tina’s stroke and her recovery. “Everybody sees my dad in the media so everybody thinks he has a big role, obviously he does in the family,” Lonzo said in an interview on ‘The Woj Pod’ with Adrian Wojnarowski. “But my mom is kind of the person who held everything together. If you ask anybody in the family, that’s the only person my dad would listen to, honestly.”

“Obviously, it’s a long journey with her,” Lonzo said. “The whole time we know she’s strong but it’s tough just being with her the last couple years and seeing everything she has to go through. Especially with us being in the media all the time.” One thing about Tina is that she’s a fighter and she was not going to let the stroke stop her. 

Tina Ball will get to see her youngest son drafted by an NBA team


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LaMelo Ball has been a popular name in the 2020 NBA draft. He will soon hear his name called by an NBA team. Some have projected LaMelo to be the No. 1 overall pick. He will soon join his oldest brother Lonzo as an NBA player. Tina will have two sons in the NBA once LaMelo hears his name called.

Even though Tina may not be as mobile as she was before suffering the stroke, she still supports her sons no matter what. Tina will be filled with joy when she hears LaMelo’s name called, and it will be a wonderful moment for the Ball family.