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Jalen Hale, a five-star recruit from Longview, Texas (Longview High School), is one of the better wide receivers in the country, and he knows it.

Hale considers himself a “double-me” wide receiver, meaning the only way to have a chance at covering him is with a double team. This is the type of confidence that can’t be taught; it’s earned. And Hale certainly did that on the high school football field and college football recruiting trail.

Now playing for Alabama, Hale caught up with Sportscasting in 2022 to discuss his recruitment and more.

Jalen Hale had big-play potential as an elite wide receiver recruit

Before committing to the Alabama Crimson Tide, Hale ranked as the No. 5 wide receiver in the country, according to the industry-generated 247Sports Composite. He also ranked as the fifth-best recruit in Texas, a state known for pumping out college and NFL players on the regular.

Jalen Hale has so much big-play potential as a college wide receiver

At 6-foot-2, Hale already has great size for a receiver, and he’s developing his mastery as he prepares for his freshman season at Alabama. He already has tremendous skills regarding high-pointing the football and using his length and size to his advantage.

Hale is the type of receiver a quarterback just throws the ball up to, knowing he’ll be able to come down and make a play on it. Whether over-the-shoulder or a traditional 50-50 “jump ball” scenario, Hale has big play written all over him.

Watch enough of his highlights, and you’ll see a young Calvin Johnson in the way that he just goes up and makes a play. For his part, Hale says he tries to model his game off Justin Jefferson and Julio Jones, who are two apt comparisons.

Jalen Hale fielded offers from all over the country

Considering his skill set and potential, it’s no surprise Hale received offers from most of the top college football schools in the country.

He had 35 offers to his name, with schools such as Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and USC immediately standing out.

At the time, none of those offers meant more than any others. Hale viewed his offer from Nick Saban and Alabama the same as the one he received from Tulane, for instance.

“All my offers mean a great deal to me,” he told Sportscasting in 2022. “The fact that someone saw something special in me to even offer was an honor. Of course, everyone wants offers from the top schools, so I’m very grateful and thankful.”n

Even though Hale was one of the top recruits in the nation, and a ton of schools were after his commitment, it’s worth noting that he took the whole thing in stride. “To be honest, I really don’t think about it,” he said when asked about the high-profile nature of his recruitment.

Hale knew what he was looking for in a college football program

In general, Hale focused on having fun while improving as a player, as Touchdown Alabama reports. “I’m working on getting faster, stronger and [trying to] put on a little more muscle and work on my craft,” he said.

At 175 pounds as a high school senior, reports Rivals, Hale is working on adding more muscle to his game downfield. If he can pull it off, there’s a chance he’ll end up being one of the best receivers in the country by the time all is said and done.

Hale believes his strengths are high-pointing the football and making something happen after the catch, and he’s right. Now imagine if he continues to improve over the next few seasons.

Before committing to Alabama on September 21, 2022, he told Sportscasting that the “vibe” of the school is essential, both on and off the field. He also wants a staff that will “push [him] to the limits to get him ready to compete at the next level.”

“I have gotten to see some great schools and meet a lot of great people,” he said about his experience on the recruiting trail.

Succeeding in the classroom is also essential, so Hall was looking for a well-rounded college experience. He certainly will find that in Tuscaloosa.