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When many NBA players retire, they don’t have much (if any) money left in their bank accounts. Flashy spending and poor investments can put athletes in a financial hole. However, a few players have been wise with their paychecks. These seven NBA pros are much richer than you think.

Kobe Bryant: $500 million

With five NBA championship wins, Kobe Bryant has used his earnings to get into the investment world. He created a popular ESPN show, Detail, where he highlights different aspects of a player’s game. Bryant also founded Kobe Inc., an organization that focuses on technology, data, and media relations.

Grant Hill: $180 million

There’s no telling the greatness Grant Hill could have displayed if his ankles had held up. Surprisingly, he’s actually increased his net worth since retiring from the NBA. Hill is part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Although he’s grown his net worth by $40 million since retiring, there aren’t many details about his stake in the team. Regardless, the future looks bright for Hill and the Hawks. Trae Young is quickly becoming one of the league’s most marketable players.

Magic Johnson: $600 million

The Michigan State Spartan may be an even better business owner than NBA player. Magic Johnson has invested in movie theaters and is a part-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sparks, and the LAFC Major League Soccer club. He also still maintains part ownership of the Los Angeles Lakers, even though he resigned as Vice President of Basketball Operations at the end of the 2018-19 season.

Luol Deng: $125 million

Luol Deng had a strong NBA career, but it’s his ability to grow a vast investment portfolio that puts him on this list. Deng began by making small investments in hotels and resorts through connections he had at Duke and with the Chicago Bulls.

Since then, he’s purchased rental properties around the U.S. and has become a leader in investment strategies for young NBA players. Deng’s showcase at the annual rookie symposium has been highly regarded since its inception. We only expect Deng’s investments to grow.

LeBron James: $480 million

Since being drafted No. 1 overall in the 2003 NBA Draft, LeBron James has become a global icon. With a lifetime contract, he is the face of Nike basketball. He also has a number of multimedia productions under his belt. James has invested $35 million in a pizza chain (Blaze Pizza). He has a $100 million endorsement deal with Samsung and is part-owner of Liverpool from the English Premier League.

James’ production company, SpringHill Entertainment, also entered the video game world. It produced this year’s installment of NBA 2K20’s MyCareer mode.

Michael Jordan: $1.87 billion

Did you think we’d forget the GOAT? Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and easily the richest. His initial endorsement deal with Nike, along with his iconic status in the basketball world, allowed him to create the signature Jordan Brand, which still endorses many of the best NBA players.

Jordan’s sneakers are also arguably the most popular and influential piece of clothing merchandise the world has ever seen. Sneaker sales are the driving force behind his net worth. Jordan is also the primary owner of the Charlotte Hornets, which has an estimated value of $725 million, according to Forbes.