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Aaron Gordon clearly likes to hold a grudge. Two months after losing in the finals of the NBA slam dunk contest, Gordon dropped a diss track about the judge who screwed him out of the win — Dwayne Wade. Wade gave Gordon a 9 out of 10 for his dunk over Tacko Fall in the final round, and Gordon ended up losing by a single point. Naturally, Gordon fired some shots at Wade in his recent diss track, aptly titled “9 OUT OF 10.”

Dwayne Wade screwed Aaron Gordon out of a dunk contest win

Back in February, Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. met in the finals of the NBA slam dunk contest. Jones Jr. recorded a score of 48 on his final dunk, so that was the number Gordon had to beat.

Gordon decided to bring out 7-foot-5 Tacko Fall for his grand finale. He made Fall hold a basketball behind his head and stand close to the basket. On his first try, Gordon skied over Fall, grabbed the ball out his hands, and dunked it home with two hands.

The crowd, along with the NBA players standing courtside, erupted. Based on fan reaction alone, it was the most impressive dunk of the entire 2020 event, but Dwayne Wade disagreed. Wade gave Gordon a 9 out of 10 for his final dunk, and Gordon lost to Jones Jr. by one point.

This wasn’t the first time Gordon was robbed in a Dunk Contest

If this was an isolated event, Gordon probably would’ve just laughed it off. What made the loss worse was it wasn’t the first time Gordon was robbed of an NBA slam dunk contest title.

In 2016, Gordon faced off against Zach LaVine in the finals. Both players put on a show that’s now considered one of the greatest dunk contests of all time. Gordon threw down dunks that had never been seen before, but he still lost to LaVine.

That memory must’ve stuck with him for years. When Gordon was robbed a second time, he couldn’t stay quiet.

Gordon dropped a Wade diss track 2 months after the dunk contest

Gordon, along with the rest of the NBA players in attendance that night, was shocked Wade gave him only a 9 out of 10 for his final dunk. Even the announcers called the score “highway robbery,” but Jones Jr. was named the winner in the end.

Evidently, Gordon is still reeling from the loss. So much so that he recently dropped a diss track about Dwayne Wade, along with a music video. The song is called “9 OUT OF 10,” so there’s no secret who or what it’s about.

If the title wasn’t enough evidence, the first scene in the video shows Gordon pouring a glass of wine from a bottle that reads, “Wade.” It’s one of Wade’s signature wines he produces for his company Wade Cellars.

In the middle of the track, Gordon goes right at Wade for robbing him of the slam dunk contest win.

“Saw you in the hallway, you say ‘youngin, put on a show.’ Didn’t know that’s the code for you about to get rolled. Even Adam Silver told me I deserved the gold.”

But Gordon didn’t stop there.

“Big chillin’, paint me as a villain. I jumped over the biggest dude in the buildin’. God willin’, the best, and I still am. Your judgement gives me no fulfilment.”

The NBA never fails to provide drama, even during a league lockout. The only question now is: Will Wade respond with a track of his own?