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Aaron Rodgers is bound for Canton and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In his 15 seasons as the Green Bay Packers signal-caller, Rodgers has led the team to the playoffs 10 times, including the Super Bowl title in 2010. In 2012, a video surfaced online that some thought revealed the secret to Rodgers’ success. It showed Rodgers wearing what many thought to be a thong.

Through the years, Rodgers has never directly addressed the question. Until now. On the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers shared that story from eight years ago with McAfee and finally answered the question inquiring minds have wanted to know for years — does Aaron Rodgers really wear a thong during games? 

Does Aaron Rodgers wear a thong? 

With the advent of the internet and social media, almost nothing goes unnoticed. In December 2012, Aaron Rodgers found that out when the Green Bay Packers hosted the Detroit Lions in a Sunday Night Football matchup. 

Rodgers didn’t have his best game completing just 14-of-24 for 173 and no touchdowns. He was sacked three times. Despite a very un-Rodgers-like performance, the Packers managed to overcome a 14-0 deficit and win 27-20. 

After the game, the buzz online wasn’t about Rodgers’ lackluster performance, but instead what was shown on TV when Rodgers suffered one of his three sacks. Cameras revealed what appeared to be a dark triangular-shaped undergarment that looked strikingly similar to a thong. 

Naturally, the internet went crazy with speculation that Aaron Rodgers wore a thong.

Jason Giambi and Derek Jeter wear thong during games

While many thought it was odd that Aaron Rodgers would wear a thong as some type of superstitious ritual, it wasn’t the first time such allegations had been levied against a high-profile athlete. A few years earlier, baseball slugger Jason Giambi admitted he wore a thong during games. 

In a New York Daily News article, Giambi not only acknowledged he wore a golden thong with a flame-line waistband to break out of hitting slumps, he shared it with others struggling at the plate, including teammates Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon.

“I had it over my shorts and stuff,” Jeter told the Daily News about donning the golden underwear. “I was 0-for-32 and I hit a homer on the first pitch. That’s the only time I’ve ever worn it.”

Damon also acknowledged he wore the thong “probably three times.”

Aaron Rodgers addresses alleged thong-wearing game

With it established that some world-class athletes have resorted to a specific type of underwear to help overcome struggles during competition, the 2012 video of Rodgers purportedly wearing a thong isn’t all that surprising. Except, according to Rodgers, he wasn’t. 

During an interview on the Pat McAfee Show, McAfee pointedly asked Rodgers if he had any superstitions like wearing something special under his pads. 

“No. As opposed to an internet thing I saw, I’ve never worn a thong underwear underneath my uniform… Actually, I have thought about it after watching Bull Durham,” Rodgers said laughing.

Aaron Rodgers’ big reveal that his successful career isn’t due to wearing any special underwear, but just talent and hard work was a hilarious moment during his interview with McAfee. It also showed a side to Rodgers rarely seen. And based on his first few weeks on the show, there should be plenty more revelations to come in the future. 


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