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It’s no secret Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers didn’t start off their relationship on the best of terms. Today, the two are good friends, talk regularly, and have even discussed the irony of the Green Bay Packers drafting Jordan Love in a similar scenario to what started the pair’s frosty relationship 15 years ago. Their relationship aside, on the field as of this moment with Rodgers still playing and his legacy incomplete, which one is better — Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers?

Brett Favre’s Hall of Fame career

Brett Favre’s legacy will be remembered for a lot of things, but the one thing that stands out above any of his numerous accomplishments is his consecutive starts streak. Favre started an incredible 297 straight games

Excluding kickers and punters, the second most consecutive games started belongs to defensive end Jim Marshall at 270. What makes Favre’s feat all the more remarkable is the fact that he did it as quarterback. During his streak, 238 other quarterbacks started in the NFL including 17 who were backups to Favre at one point in their careers. 

Favre’s career highlights include two Super Bowl appearances including a victory over the New England Patriots in 1996, a three-time league MVP (1995, 1996, 1997), three All-Pro honors, and 11 Pro Bowls. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016 and was named to the NFL’s all-time 100 team.

Aaron Rodgers putting up Hall of Fame-worthy numbers

Green Bay Packers fans have undoubtedly been spoiled for the last 27 years as Aaron Rodgers took over once Brett Favre departed. Rodgers has more than held his own since he was named the starter in 2008.

Three years into Rodgers’ tenure in Green Bay, he guided the Packers to the 2010 Super Bowl title over the Pittsburgh Steelers and earned Super Bowl MVP honors in the process. Rodgers followed up the Super Bowl-winning season in 2011 with one of the best seasons by a quarterback in NFL history.

That season Rodgers directed the Packers to a 15-1 record where he threw for 4,643 yards, 45 touchdowns, and just six interceptions. Despite an upset loss in the divisional round, Rodgers was named league MVP. Rodgers earned NFL MVP honors again in 2014. In his 15-year career thus far, Rodgers has earned two All-Pro honors and made eight Pro Bowl appearances.

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers—by the numbers

Overall record

  • Favre: 186-112 over 20 seasons (62.4) 
  • Rodgers: 113-60 over 15 seasons (65.2) 

Pass completions and attempts

  • Favre: 6,300 out of 10,169 (62.0)
  • Rodgers: 3,913 out of 6,061 (64.6)

Touchdown passes

  • Favre: 508 (25.4 per season) 
  • Rodgers: 364 (24.2 per season)


  • Favre: 336 (16.8 per season)
  • Rodgers: 84 (5.6 per season)

Game-winning drives

  • Favre: 45 (2.25 per season)
  • Rodgers: 24 (1.6 per season)

QB rating

  • Favre: 86.0
  • Rodgers: 102.4

Best season (TDs)

  • Favre: 39 (1996)
  • Rodgers: 45 (2011)

Best season (Passing yards)

  • Favre: 4,413 (1995)
  • Rodgers: 4,643 (2011)

Best season (Longest completion)

  • Favre: 99 (1995)
  • Rodgers: 93 (2011)

Brett Favre is already a Hall of Famer. Aaron Rodgers will be in Canton once his playing days are over. Their numbers are both impressive. Who do you think is the better quarterback?