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Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play, but did you know he’s also one of the greatest NFL pranksters of all time? Favre loved playing pranks on his Packers‘ teammates as much as he loved chucking touchdown passes. His teammates and coaches always had to have their heads on a swivel in the locker room. You never knew when a signature Favre prank was coming, but it could hit you at any moment.

Favre’s creativity in the pocket carried over to his pranking life as well. The pranks he pulled were genius, and sometimes they were flat-out diabolical. What were some of Favre’s most evil pranks as an NFL player?

Favre used the freezing weather in Green Bay for his pranks

Green Bay is one of the most consistently freezing cities that hosts an NFL team. Snow is a popular feature of iconic Lambeau Field in the winter months. The temperature in Green Bay rarely surpasses 30 degrees from December through February, and Favre used that to his pranking advantage.

One of his most devious pranks involved freezing teammates’ car doors shut in the winter. Favre would move unlocked cars to the far end of the team parking lot, blast the air conditioner, and pour water all over the vehicles. His Packers’ teammates would have a long trek through the windy parking lot to find their cars sealed shut from the ice.

Once they got the car door open, they stepped inside to a freezing cold car. It was even colder inside the cars than outside in the wind and snow. Favre called this prank one of the cruelest of his career.

Brett Favre pranked a young Aaron Rodgers frequently

Before Aaron Rodgers exploded into one of the best quarterbacks in the league, he served as Brett Favre’s understudy. From 2005-07, Rodgers played backup to Favre, but he also played another role for the future Hall-of-Famer — No. 1 prank target.

The most famous pranked pulled on Rodgers involved his football helmet. One day, Favre placed a helmet in the locker room next to a few markers. Players frequently did this with various memorabilia items to give out to fans or auction off for charity.

It wasn’t just any helmet, though. It was Rodgers’ personal helmet he used for practices and games. The entire team signed the helmet not knowing it was the one Rodgers needed for practice. He had to wear an entirely black helmet to the practice field that day.

“You just had to watch yourself sometimes around him because [Favre was] always trying to incite some pranks,” Rodgers said. “So you had to be careful.”

No prank was off-limits in the locker room

Favre enjoyed keeping the team loose with locker room pranks, no matter how cruel or even gross they were. One time, Favre detonated a stink bomb in the Packers facility. Coaches vowed to find the culprit and punish them accordingly, but once Favre raised his hand to take the blame the team burst out laughing.

Many teammates also called Favre the “shower bandit.” He loved to haze new teammates by switching the hot water to freezing or pouring a bucket of cold water on them. No one was safe from Favre’s hijinks in the locker room.

“I can’t say I was the best passer, I can’t say that I was the most mobile, I can’t say I was tough, I can’t say all that,” Favre said during a conference call in 2016. “But what I can say, in my opinion, is that I had the most fun.”

Favre sure did have his fun off the field, even if it was at his teammates’ expense. They all knew it wasn’t personal, and some even tried to prank Favre back. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t beat the king of pranks at his own game.