Mike Boone isn't a household name, but he could be a key player for the Minnesota Vikings.

Who is Minnesota Vikings Running Back Mike Boone?

In every sport, injuries are an unfortunate fact of life. By the end of the NFL season, it can seem like half of the roster is spending time in the training room; despite spending the season on the sidelines, back-ups and third-string players are cast into crucial roles. Minnesota Vikings running back Mike Boone will …

Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs

NFL: 3 Teams That Need to Trade for Stefon Diggs

Over the first month of the season, it has been nothing short of a bumpy start for the Minnesota Vikings offensively that has seen quarterback Kirk Cousins publicly apologize to wide receiver Adam Thielen. It has now led their other star wideout Stefon Diggs to subtly voice on Thursday that he would welcome a trade. …

Randy Moss celebrates a touchdown with a Minnesota Vikings teammate

NFL: 10 of the Greatest Rookie Seasons of all Time

With its rigorous physical and mental demands, the NFL is one of the hardest professional sports leagues to break into. It’s the reason why players aren’t allowed to join until three years after they’ve graduated high school. The toll on the players’ bodies is simply too much for an underdeveloped young man to take.  All that makes it more …