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Tom Brady is not only entering his 21st season in the NFL, but he’s doing so in pursuit of a seventh Super Bowl ring.

Think about that fact for a second. Brady, a four-time Super Bowl MVP has just as many rings alone as the San Francisco 49ers do as a franchise. Only four teams have won at least five rings since the Big Game began in 1967.

There have been plenty of Super Bowl records set throughout the years, but have any teams won three straight rings? Let’s take a look.

Most NFL teams have reached the ‘Big Game’

The old adage is the NFL stands for Not For Long. That applies not just to players, but the amount of time most teams have as championship contenders.

Entering the 2020 season, 28 of the league’s 32 teams have reached at least one Super Bowl. That ranges from the Jets, who won their lone Super Bowl appearance with Joe Namath at quarterback, to the New England Patriots, a franchise with 11 trips to the Big Game.

Nine of those AFC titles came during Tom Brady’s time in New England from 2000-2019.

The Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, and Pittsburgh Steelers have all reached the Super Bowl seven times. San Francisco is right behind them with seven trips, the most recent of which came last season.

The four teams that haven’t won their conference shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions are each associated with losing.

On the other hand, Houston and Jacksonville are fairly new (Houston is only entering its 19th NFL season) and played in the same division as Peyton Manning for years.

Seven franchises have won consecutive Super Bowls

Of the 28 NFL teams that have been to the Super Bowl, seven have won consecutive titles. That’s a fourth of the teams.

That nugget bodes well for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, last year’s winners.

Like with the teams that never reached the Big Game, the teams with consecutive titles shouldn’t surprise many people. New England did it most recently after the 2003 and 2004 seasons.

Bart Starr and the Green Bay Packers won both Super Bowl I and II in the 1960s. The Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers each repeated in the 1970s.

San Francisco took home consecutive Lombardi Trophies in 1988 and 1989. Dallas and Denver each had their own streaks in the 1990s.

Pittsburgh is the only team to accomplish that feat twice, according to Pro-Football-Reference. The Steelers did it in 1974-75 and 1978-79.

Have any teams won three consecutive Super Bowls?

The earliest a team will achieve three consecutive Super Bowl titles is February 2022, so long as the Chiefs win next year’s Big Game.

There has never been a team that won three straight titles in the Super Bowl era. Several teams won three or more consecutive NFL Championships, but those took place before the Packers and Chiefs squared off in January 1967.

The Patriots won three rings in four years from 2001-04 (with the final championship game played in February 2005). However, Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers interrupted that streak in 2002.

The Buccaneers defeated the Raiders in January 2003.

The Patriots joined those mid-90s Dallas Cowboys (1992, 1993, and 1995) as the only teams to accomplish that feat.

Are Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs next to join the club? It all starts in September, assuming the season starts on time.

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