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Over the years, Houston Rockets star guard James Harden‘s identity has been heavily linked to his beard. It has become part of Harden‘s image that has helped him earn numerous marketing and business opportunities aside from his stellar play on the court. However, there appears to be one way that could get Harden to shave his beard.

James Harden’s NBA career

Since joining the Rockets, James Harden has emerged as one of the game’s best talents.

The 31-year-old has put forth an impressive resume that has seen him earn eight All-Star selections, five All-NBA First Team nods, and an MVP award. He has also reached individual feats, such as being the only player to score at least 30 points against every team in a single season.

He has taken his game to the next level over the last three years, becoming arguably the league’s most potent scorer behind three straight scoring titles. Harden has averaged north of 30 points over each campaign, topped by a career-high 36.1 points in the 2018-19 season.

Harden’s resume speaks for itself over his first several years in the league. What has also become part of his brand is his bread, which he has revealed what it would take to shave it.

What will get James Harden to shave his beard

The Rockets star guard’s beard has often become the conversation around him. It has reached the point where “The Beard” has become his go-to nickname for many around the league.

It has often led the discussion over to what could get Harden to take a hair clipper to cut off his beard. The former league MVP answered that question as he told The Ringer in February 2018 that it would take $10 million for him to do it.

“Oh yea, I would cut it. I mean because it’s going to grow right back. Yeah, $10 million minimum is where I am like ‘alright.'”

Harden previously voiced that he do that for charity, but it looks like his attachment to his beard has grown. It has become his staple look and has earned him many opportunities off the court. That includes having the Trolli Sour Brite “Weird Beards” James Harden edition candy.

It’s among Harden’s many reasons to raise the stakes for a higher asking price to shave. It’s a question he will continue to get asked, but there is a firm price that he’s willing to do, and who knows, a company may pay that one day.

James Harden eyeing NBA title run

Beyond the fascination with James Harden’s beard, he has put forth an impressive career.

However, he lacks an NBA title to his resume. It’s something that has continued to allude him despite keeping the Rockets as one of the Western Conference’s top teams. Houston is currently in a tough matchup against the LA Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals.

After taking the first game of the series, they fell in the next two games due to poor fourth-quarter performances. The Rockets have plenty of offensive firepower with Harden guiding the way and Russell Westbrook working backing into form.

Houston’s commitment to their small-ball lineup has put them a rebounding and defensive disadvantage in the paint. However, the Rockets can combat those shortcomings with their offensive prowess led by Harden and the team’s outside shooting.

Much can change in the series, but it will primarily rely on what the Rockets’ star backcourt can do moving forward.