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Michael Clemons New York Jets Browns Fans

New York Jets defensive tackle Michael Clemons may not be a big fan of Cleveland Browns fans, but they are big fan of him! As is the rest of the NFL after his hilarious viral moment on Thursday night.

The only group of fans that seem displeased with his behavior was his own.

Clemons, who stands 6-foot-5, 270 pounds, was a fourth-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft out of Texas A&M. He has quickly become an important piece of a strong defensive unit out of New Jersey and recorded two solo tackles against the Browns during their most recent meeting.

Cleveland, while it may not be the most hostile environment in the league, does not have a reputation for being kind to its visiting opponents. That was certainly the case as the Jets rolled into town!

Cleveland Browns Stadium was absolutely rocking. The folks in the stands were loud, proud and ruthless.

Clemons was the third of those three adjectives during what ended as a 17-point loss for New York. He went full savage mode at some point during what seemed to be the second half and wandered the sideline.

As he did, Clemons singled out individual fans in the crowd to pass them a message. It was not a kind message. It was a very explicit message that is not hard to decipher— even for amateur lip readers.

And just when one fan thought that they were in the clear, Clemons turned to him or her and gave them the same memo. The entire sequence was caught on camera and it could not have been funnier.

Unfortunately, Clemons’ viciousness came during a loss. His team got beat on Thursday night and helped Cleveland to clinch a playoff birth. It would have been a lot funnier if the unkind words came during a blowout in favor of the Jets.

Oh well. Browns fans love Clemons forever. As do the other fans around the league!