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NASCAR, like any sport, has its share of rivalries. Kyle Busch and Joey Logano currently have one of the most heated feuds on the Cup Series. In a recent episode of the I Am Athlete podcast, Busch got personal and blasted Logano, called him two-faced, and provided his version of events of what happened at the 2017 race in Las Vegas, where he sucker punched Logano after the race.

Logano saw the podcast and has responded. 

Kyle Busch punches Joey Logano after 2017 Las Vegas race

Kyle Busch recently visited with the crew from the I Am Athlete podcast and got personal. He talked about the struggles he and his wife Samantha have endured with in-vitro fertilization. He detailed the issues between him and his brother and how their grandmother stopped it. 

He also got personal about his career, including his villainous reputation. As a part of that conversation, the two-time Cup Series champion identified his rivalries on the track but devoted most of his time talking about his rivalry and a general disdain for Joey Logano.

Busch provided his version of events on the race at Las Vegas in 2017 and why he opted to sucker punch Logano after the race.  

“I got out of my car and marched my happy ass down pit road, and I turned right in to where he was,” Busch said. “I just pulled it back and let it rip. Hit him right across the face. Of course, I got the one hit in because the whole rest of the fight was all these dudes pulling us apart.” 

Immediately following the race, Logano unsurprisingly offered a very different version of events. When asked if any blows landed, Logano curtly responded, “None to me.”

Busch blasts Logano, calling him ‘two-faced’ 

During the interview, Chad Johnson praised Busch for the role he readily plays as a villain in NASCAR. The former Pro Bowl receiver then asked him about his rivalries today. Busch surprised Johnson and his IAA co-hosts when he said Logano is still his main rival.

“What? Bro, y’all need to get on the podcast,” Marshall said, shocked that the two drivers hadn’t resolved their issues.  

“The problem with Joey is he’s two-faced,” Busch said. “So people know I’m an ass****. So I might be an ass**** on the race track, which I’m really not, but Logano, he’ll come in here and he’s laughy and go lucky, go with the flow, like super-nice guy and all this stuff. Does great for charity and all the stuff like that. When you put him on the race track, he flips the switch on the back of his head. To me, I hate two-faced guys. That drives me absolutely nuts. Like if you’re going to be a nice guy, be a nice guy on the race track as well. That fries me.”

Logano responds to Busch’s comments with a proposal

After the first two episodes of I Am Athlete-NASCAR edition, which featured Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the first episode, Logano took to Twitter and made it clear he wants to be a guest on an upcoming episode and offer his rebuttal. 

“That’s cute…let me know when you are ready to hear my side of the story @ochocinco @BMarshall @IAMATHLETEpod,” Logano replied to the I Am Athlete tweet promoting Busch’s appearance.

The combination of Marshall suggesting Logano should appear on the podcast and Logano now requesting an opportunity, it should secure him an appearance on a future episode and further the stoke the flames of this rivalry. And that’s just what NASCAR fans want to hear.

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