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Constructing a Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling is challenging, even for legends like John Cena.

It’s safe to say that most who attempt it include Ric Flair, but even The Nature Boy doesn’t make everyone’s list. Hulk Hogan is typically another popular choice, but plenty of folks out there aren’t big fans of the Hulkster.

It’s hard to overlook old-school legends like Bruno Sammartino or Andre the Giant. Roddy Piper and Randy Savage are also popular picks. Getting past the Golden Era, one could easily argue for the likes of Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Sting, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, and The Undertaker.

Even some from the more recent generation deserve arguments, those such as Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and, of course, John Cena.

Trust me. I could keep going.

But when Cena himself was recently asked who would be on his Mount Rushmore, he didn’t include a single name mentioned above. Instead, his monument would feature just one person.

John Cena names his Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling

John Cena at the 2015 edition of WWE SummerSlam
John Cena enters the ring at WWE SummerSlam at Barclays Center on August 23, 2015 | JP Yim/Getty Images

The Undertaker Reveals His Mount Rushmore of Pro Wrestling

At a recent appearance at Wales Comic Con, Cena took questions from the audience and was asked about his pro wrestling Mount Rushmore.

The 16-time WWE champ’s initial response was simply, “That’s a great question,” an obvious stall tactic to give himself a moment to come up with a real answer. But that answer was a bit shocking as, again, he didn’t include anyone listed in the intro. And certainly not himself. Honestly, Cena doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would name himself anyway.

As for who he did include, it was just one person.

“I would change the monument. I would make it a one-person statue, and the face would be Vince McMahon.”

John Cena on his Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling

How’s that for an answer? And if you’re wondering, yes, this answer came after Vince McMahon stepped down from WWE amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

It’s a bit of a copout, but Cena has long seen McMahon as a father figure and credits Vince with making him the worldwide star he’s become in the last 20 years. And it appears nothing is going to change that.

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