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NBA superstar Kevin Durant already has his plans laid out for his retirement. As a Maryland native and lifelong Redskins fan, Durant has expressed interest in owning his favorite team in his second life. The Redskins fan base has been yearning for new ownership for over a decade, and Durant has the drive and wealth to take over.

Kevin Durant is a lifelong Redskins fan

If you think Kevin Durant choosing the Redskins as his NFL team of choice is odd, think again. Durant has been a Redskins fan his entire life, so there’s no question which franchise he wants to own as a retired NBA player.

Durant follows football religiously. He’s constantly patrolling the Washington sidelines whenever he can get to a home game. The Nets’ forward is also a huge fantasy football fan. In 2015, Durant went on ESPN’s Fantasy Football Focus podcast to talk about the Redskins and his dream of owning an NFL team.

I love football, man, it’s a passion of mine. I would definitely love to own a team, you know hopefully one of these years, toward the end of my career. You know, I follow it a lot. I’m always checking if guys are hurt, how they’re playing and who they’re playing against. It just makes Sundays fun. It keeps my mind off the hustle and bustle I guess of the NBA season and get back to just being a fan of a sport. You know? So, it’s pretty cool for me. I think I need it, as a professional athlete.

Kevin Durant

Redskins fans probably would have no problem with Durant replacing Dan Snyder in charge.

Kevin Durant already has enough money to buy a share of the Redskins

Over his NBA career, Durant has earned a whopping $225 million from contracts alone. That doesn’t even take into account his endorsements and various business ventures.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Durant’s current net worth is $170 million. That’s already more than enough to purchase a minority stake in an NFL franchise at this point in time.

If he decides to wait, the amount of money Durant will make from the Nets will provide him the opportunity to purchase a much larger stake in the Redskins.

Durant hopes to one day become an owner of the Redskins

Durant has had dreams of becoming an NFL owner for years. During his 2015 appearance of the Fantasy Football Focus podcast, he already had his plan of owning the Redskins laid out.

[Owning a team] would be cool. My first priority would be the Washington Redskins, but I, even if it’s a small percentage, man, I just want to be involved, you know. Growing up five minutes away from the stadium and always being a fan, I got a Redskin tattoo on my forearm, so I feel a part of the team so much. And just to feel like an owner, man, and just be all the way entrenched with the team, that would be cool for me. But if any other team presents itself, I would love to take it.

Kevin Durant

It’s hard to imagine Durant as a team executive with a suit and tie instead of a sleeveless jersey, but that’s just how we might see him in a few years.

Career earnings courtesy of Spotrac, net worth courtesy of Celebrity Net Worth


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