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Kyle Busch and his future at Joe Gibbs Racing has been a hot topic of conversation for months. Incredibly, the two-time Cup Series champion’s future plans aren’t any closer to being decided than they were back in April when he initially revealed that his plans with the organization were uncertain. 

This weekend before the race at Richmond Raceway, the driver once again talked about his future, and not the near-term, but further down the road when his career comes to an end. Interestingly, he’s got a specific plan in mind that if it works out perfectly will include racing against someone special. 

Kyle Busch future at Joe Gibbs Racing in question

This season Kyle Busch has regularly been in the headlines and it hasn’t been for his on-track performance. It began back in April at Talladega when the driver animatedly told reporters to talk with team owner Joe Gibbs when asked about his future. 

Since that media session, almost everyone has been talking about the 37-year-old’s uncertain future. And surprisingly, it hasn’t become any clearer.

Along the way, Busch has admitted that: he wants to return to JGR, he’s spoken with other teams, and he’s willing to take concessions, understanding that his market value has changed.  

Kyle Busch reveals details on retirement plans, including ‘perfect’ ending to career

This week before the race at Richmond, Busch met with reporters and unsurprisingly talked about his future. Except this time, he wasn’t discussing his near-term plans but how he envisioned the final days of his career playing out. He was unexpectedly detailed. 

“This situation right now is very important to me as well as Kyle Busch Motorsports because wherever this next place is — whether it’s Joe Gibbs Racing or whoever — I would like to not have to go through this again,” Busch said, referring to the situation of not knowing his future. 

“I’ve got six, seven, maybe eight more years if I play all of this out perfectly, Brexton and I, we share a truck when he turns 16 years old,” he said of his son, who is currently seven. “When he’s 16 and 17, and then it’s his when he’s 18, and I’m done. I’m out. So that’s the perfect play.”

Hopes to continue family legacy with son

Kyle Busch walks grid
Kyle Busch walks the grid during a rain delay in the NASCAR Cup Series DuraMAX Drydene 400 presented by RelaDyne at Dover Motor Speedway on May 01, 2022. | Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

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Kyle Busch racing against his 16-year-old son would certainly bring back fond memories from his early days. He made his debut in the Truck Series back in 2001 at that same age. In that part-time season, he raced six times for Roush Racing and earned a couple of top-10 finishes. 

If his plans come to fruition, his son would have an even greater opportunity at success because he would be racing in KBM equipment, which is recognized as some of the best in the series. That, combined with the younger Busch’s already proven ability, could result in almost immediate success, which would allow the Busch legacy to carry on for years to come.

“If I can align all of that, the runway does exist for a Busch — obviously he’s pretty talented. He wins a lot. He wins more than I do. I hear about it every day,” Busch said at Richmond. “The runway for him, if you want to look at it that way, is 30 years plus. He can carry on this legacy a hell of a lot longer than I will.” 

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