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Michael Jordan values his time highly.

After all, when you’re a billionaire who’s also the most famous basketball player to ever live, everyone wants a part of your attention.

Unfortunately for one celebrity fan of the Chicago Bulls legend, an encounter with his childhood hero turned into a nightmare. Because instead of making a famous rapper’s dream come true, Jordan ruined everything over $15,000. And he did so in public fashion.

Michael Jordan gave his fans plenty of unforgettable moments during his NBA career

Kids who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s got a chance to watch Michael Jordan in his prime. During his decorated NBA career, His Airness tantalized fans with his incredible combination of skill and competitive drive. The 6-foot-6 small forward defied gravity with incredible dunks that would have blown up YouTube if it had existed at the time.

Jordan’s prowess on the basketball court and his larger-than-life personality made him a fan favorite. Loyal Bulls followers flocked to see the 14-time All-Star dominate whoever drew the unenviable task of guarding him.

Of course, Chicago fans had plenty to celebrate during Jordan’s tenure with the team. The Bulls pulled off two three-peats during the ’90s. To little surprise, MJ captured NBA Finals MVP honors in all six championship runs.

Along the way, he provided a number of highlight-reel moments. In the 1986 playoffs, he dropped 63 points in a double-overtime loss to the eventual champion Boston Celtics. Plus, you can’t talk about Jordan’s legacy without mentioning “The Flu Game” or his title-clinching shot against the Utah Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals.

While younger generations of basketball fans didn’t get a chance to witness the GOAT during his heyday, one famous rapper did spend his childhood watching Michael Jordan blaze a path to the Hall of Fame. But when he met the NBA legend, the situation quickly turned sour.

The basketball legend ruined a famous rapper’s childhood dream over $15,000

Like many people his age, Chamillionaire grew up in the prime of Michael Jordan’s career. Born in 1979, the American rapper and entrepreneur may have grown up in Houston, but he rooted hard for Chicago’s No. 1 star.

Thirty years later, the hip-hop icon had a chance to make his childhood dream come true.

However, His Airness ruined what should have been a happy moment for the founder of The Color Changin’ Click.

Back in 2009, Chamillionaire posted a video chronicling an alleged encounter with Jordan. However, according to the wealthy rapper, his hero didn’t come close to measuring up to expectations.

After seeing Jordan taking pictures with several people, Chamillionaire later approached the NBA legend, who was reportedly surrounded by Celtics players and Spike Lee.

Despite spending $7,000 on an MJ jersey at Reggie Bush’s charity event, Chamillionaire couldn’t even get a free photo with the GOAT.

Jordan not only cursed out one of his wealthiest fans but he also managed to ruin Chamillionaire’s childhood dream over a relatively small sum of money by celebrity standards.

According to the rap artist, Jordan told him, “You pay $15,000 right now for a jersey from me and I’ll take a picture with you.”

Disheartened by how MJ handled the entire situation, Chamillionaire ultimately walked away with disappointment rather than a photo.

Chamillionaire may be rich but Jordan easily wins the net worth battle

For most people, paying $15,000 for a photo wouldn’t even be a consideration. But for both Chamillionaire and Michael Jordan, that amount of money barely registers on their radar.

Although he will never touch his childhood idol’s net worth, the rap artist has become quite wealthy himself. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chamillionaire has an estimated net worth of $50 million. He founded his own record label in 2004. The 41-year-old also has a number of other investments, including a self-driving automation tech company that got sold to General Motors in 2016.

Still, Chamillionaire’s net worth doesn’t come close to measuring up to the greatest player in NBA history.

Thanks in large part to his lucrative relationship with Nike, Michael Jordan is worth more than $2 billion.

When your bank account is that big, maybe $15,000 for a few seconds of your time is the going rate after all.

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