Chiefs Defensive Coordinator Chimes In On ‘Game Manager’ Debate Surrounding Brock Purdy With High Praise

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Brock Purdy Game Manager
Brock Purdy Game Manager

Brock Purdy is perhaps the most polarizing quarterback of the modern era of the NFL. The former ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ was thrust into the starting job for a legitimate Super Bowl contender and has won 21 games with just five losses in the QB1 role. His lone playoff loss may not even count because he was forced out due to injury.

Meanwhile, Purdy has completed more than 65% of his passes for more than 6,500 yards and 49 touchdowns.

Although it is hard to deny the seventh-round pick’s success, there are a lot of people who don’t believe he is as good as his win/loss record reflects. They consider him to be a “game manager” instead of a “game changer.” A trailer, not a tractor.

Purdy’s haters believe that he is not driving the bus. He simply along for the ride. There is so much talent around Purdy that his success comes with something of an asterisk.

The 49ers disagree with the negative connotation that comes with the title “game manager.” Many of Purdy’s teammates have come out and mocked that narrative. CEO Jed York recently told a cool story about how head coach Kyle Shanahan saw the seventh-round quarterback’s potential before his rookie season.

Meanwhile, as the conversation reaches deafening levels, Brock Purdy is preparing for the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs. He will have the opportunity to silence all of the people who doubt him with a big game in the Big Game.

Brock Purdy is the real deal!

Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo will be tasked with stopping Purdy and offered his perspective on the “game manager” debate without directly addressing it head-on.

When you dive into it and you’re watching, it’s not a quarterback who’s managing all those tabs they put on him. He’s for real. He makes all the throws. He’s really, really smart. What I didn’t know is how athletic he is. This is another quarterback that when you cover everything back there, he finds a lane and can take off. He did it last week. He gets positive yards. That puts a lot of strain on us defensively. Thoroughly impressed with him.

— Steve spagnuolo

Although Spagnuolo was not going to give Purdy and the 49ers any additional bulletin board material, his opinion speaks loudly to what he actually thinks. There was nothing disingenuous with his thoughts. He went into great detail about what Purdy does well.

If Spagnuolo’s defense is unable to stop Purdy in the Super Bowl, it should settle the debate that should already be settled.