Eagles’ Tight End Dallas Goedert Knocked Out Cold in Hometown Bar, New Video Shows

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A chilling video of Dallas Goedert getting knocked out cold in a bar surfaced Sunday, and it didn't look great for the Eagles tight end.

Dallas Goedert must have some serious enemies in his home state of South Dakota. The Philadelphia Eagles’ tight end was rushed to a local hospital Friday night after getting sucker-punched in a bar. A video of the altercation recently surfaced online, and it doesn’t look great for the NFL star. Goedert might have to work on his fighting skills if he ever wants to return to that bar.

Dallas Goedert was sucker-punched and taken to a hospital Friday night

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On Friday night, Dallas Goedert went out to dinner with his family at Zoo Bar in Aberdeen, S.D. Goedert is a South Dakota native and played college football at South Dakota State.

A friendly dinner with family evidently turned violent after Goedert got into an altercation with another bar patron. The Eagles‘ tight end was arguing with a group of men when another patron jumped in and sucker-punched Goedert in the face.

Goedert was rushed to the hospital as a precaution, but he was released shortly after with no major injuries. With all the injuries the Eagles deal with every season, this one would’ve been the most bizarre.

Video of the sucker punch leaked online a few days after the altercation

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This story would’ve blown over fairly quickly if no other information was released afterward. Goedert was unharmed and was resting comfortably at his home after the brief scare. It would’ve left the news cycle after a few days, but a video of the sucker punch leaked Sunday and brought Goedert right back into the headlines.

Adam Schefter of ESPN posted the bar video on Twitter Sunday, and NFL fans went crazy for it. The video showed Goedert approaching a man with his arm extended when another man attacked his blind spot and rocked him in the face.

Goedert fell backward and lay face-up on the ground. It was a scary sight as Goedert laid motionless on the bar floor for nearly a minute after the knockout. Thankfully, he eventually got up and walked out of the bar.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after, and one person was arrested.

Goedert needs to be healthy for the Eagles offense to thrive in 2020

After the sucker punch was reported, multiple Eagles players hopped on Twitter to stick up for their teammates. Avonte Maddox and Lane Johnson both said things would’ve gone differently if they were there to witness the fight.

Maddox and Johnson know what all other Philadelphia fans know — the Eagles need Goedert in 2020. With Nelson Agholor’s departure and DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery leaving their primes, the Eagles are hard-pressed for receiving talent.

Zach Ertz and Goedert make up maybe the best one-two punch at tight end in the NFL today. If Goedert was forced to sit out with a freak injury, Philly would be right where they found themselves last year offensively.

Thankfully for the Eagles, Goedert seems to be fine, but the video surely struck some fear into Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman.