Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: The Best Fantasy Football Team Names for Kansas City Chiefs Fans in 2023

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Kansas City Chiefs fans pose for a photo prior to a game

Football season has begun, and now is the time to solidify your fantasy football team name for the 2023 season. We get it. Coming up with the perfect fantasy football team name can be hard. However, as a Kansas City Chiefs fan, you’ve got a ton of great puns to work with. Here’s your guide to naming your fantasy football team for the 2023–24 NFL Season

Fantasy football team names for Chiefs fans 

True NFL fans know the importance of creating a fantasy football team name that is both playful and respectable. It’s a name you must keep for 6-plus months, so you’ll want to find something that makes the competition laugh but still respect you throughout the season. Plus, changing your team name mid-season is bad luck. So, you’ll want to get it right the first time. 

When you go about naming your fantasy football team, it’s best to think about how you could spin some of your favorite players’ names into great puns or funny wordplay. For example, some good puns or play-on-words for quarterback Patrick Mahomes would be: 

  • Mahomes Depot 
  • The Mahomes Express 
  • Mahomes Improvement 
  • Obi One Mahomie
  • Sherlock Mahomes
  • Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, He’s the Man 
  • Country Roads, Take Mahomes 
  • Mahomes Alone 
  • Post Mahomes
  • ET Phone Mahomes 

If you want to encompass the whole team rather than just your favorite player, some good Kansas City Chief-inspired fantasy football team names include:

  • Chiefs Kingdom 
  • You Got That, Chief?
  • KC Sack Nation 
  • Arrowhead Assassins 
  • Chiefs Executive Officer
  • Chief Concern 
  • Commander in Chiefs 
  • KC and The Sunshine Band 
  • Chiefs of the Gridiron 
  • We’re Not in Kansas City Anymore

Funny fantasy football names for Chiefs fans 

When it comes to fantasy football, there’s nothing better than creating a funny team name. Plus, if your season doesn’t go as planned, at least you can hold onto the fact that YOU didn’t fumble the ball when it comes to your team name. 

If you’re in need of a little inspiration for your fantasy football team name, here are some funny or punny Chief-inspired team names: 

  • Clyde and Go Seek 
  • Air Mahomes 
  • The Reid Zone 
  • Kelce What You Did There
  • Furious George
  • Mahomes on the Range 
  • Fresh Prince of Helaire 
  • Reid My Lips 
  • Son of a Veach 
  • Rollin’ With Mahomies 
  • Skyy’s the Limit
  • Reid Between the Lines 
  • Livin’ on a Helaire 
  • Mahomes Is Where the Heart Is 
  • Reid ‘Em and Weep 

Fantasy football team names: Avoid these common mistakes 

While there’s a lot of ways you can go right with your fantasy football team name, there’s also a ton of ways you can go wrong. Common mistakes you’ll want to avoid when naming your team:

  • Using the same name you used in a prior season (Don’t be boring.) 
  • Using a name that’s already been too overused (Snooze fest)
  • Using your actual birth name (Come on, really?)
  • Using a fantasy football team name generator (Find some creativity.)

When it comes to naming your fantasy football team, the most important thing is to have fun with it. However, it’s also essential that you don’t let your name fall into the category of “travisty.” Kelce what I did there?

So, find your inner creative and have some fun this year with the naming process for your fantasy football team this season. As for the 2023 NFL Season, MAY THE CHIEFS REIGN SUPREME!