Which Teams Should Call the Redskins and Go All in for Chase Young?

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The Redskins might be open to trading the No. 2 pick, so which teams should pick up the phone and go all in to land Chase Young?

The Washington Redskins are reportedly receiving calls about the No. 2 pick ahead of the 2020 NFL draft. Ohio State’s stud pass rusher Chase Young is almost a lock to get picked second after LSU’s Joe Burrow, and it seems as if some teams are making a push for the freak athlete. Which teams should go all in to move up in the draft to land Young?

Chase Young is a franchise-altering player

Many believe Chase Young is the best player in the 2020 NFL draft. As the first round quickly approaches, multiple teams are inquiring about what it would take to steal Young away from the Redskins.

According to Ian Rapaport of the NFL Network, more than one team has called the Redskins about the No. 2 pick. Washington hasn’t shot down the idea of a trade yet, so the team could be persuaded with a massive offer.

It makes sense that multiple teams want a piece of Young. The dude is a freak. A cyborg. He might not be part of the human race. Whatever he is, Young is as close to a can’t miss prospect as you can find out of college. He’s 6-foot-5, 265 pounds and still the quickest pass rusher in the draft.

Young recorded 16.5 sacks at Ohio State last season and six forced fumbles. Both led the country. If you had no idea who Young was and someone showed you game footage from Ohio State last season, you would be able to pick him out after one series on defense. He pops on film like no other player in the draft. Young was the best player on the field last year for every snap he played.

The Redskins are reportedly open to trading the No. 2 pick

The Redskins would love a player of Young’s caliber, and they desperately need more talent. However, Washington isn’t one player away from contending in any sense. The Redskins need a heap of young talent to engage their rebuild.

Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reported Tuesday the league believes the Redskins’ No. 2 pick “can be bought.” There are several teams that are one defensive playmaker away from contention, unlike the Redskins. These teams could make a play for the No. 2 pick in the coming days.

Which teams should go all in to trade up to No. 2?

The New York Giants jump out as a perfect candidate to trade up for Young. Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley are the future for the offense, but the defense still needs a headliner. Young would be that guy.

The Giants currently own the No. 4 pick in the draft, so trading up wouldn’t be as expensive for them as it would be for other teams. New York could send Washington No. 4, No. 36, and sweeten the deal with a future first rounder. The price will be high no matter what, but Young would be worth the investment.

The Miami Dolphins also present an interesting trade candidate for Young. The Dolphins badly need a quarterback, but behind Burrow the prospects this year have a ton of question marks. If Miami isn’t confident in Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert, they should make a play for Young.

The Dolphins have 14 draft picks this year, the most in the league. They could pair the No. 5 pick with an assortment of second- and third-round selections. The Redskins would at least answer that phone call.

The Arizona Cardinals would be a longshot to trade up, but boy would that be fun. The Cardinals have already upgraded their roster significantly this offseason. They traded for DeAndre Hopkins and added a few great pieces on defense in free agency.

With franchise quarterback Kyler Murray already in place and a much-improved roster from last year, Arizona could make some noise next year if they snagged Young. It would take a king’s ransom to move up from No. 8, but the Cardinals would be the most fun destination for Young.