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Tyler Owens NFL Space Planets

Texas Tech defensive back Tyler Owens is widely considered to be one of the fastest prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft class. He might also be the most imaginative thinker.

Owens does not believe in the teachings of Italian philosopher Galileo Galilei, who once stood trial before the Roman Catholic Church for furthering the theory that the earth revolves around the sun. That “theory” has since been confirmed as scientific fact, but not everyone chooses to buy-in.

Put the former Red Raiders standout in that category.

He not questions the validity of the heliocentric universe, but the universe as a whole. Owens revealed his unique beliefs at the NFL Draft Combine.

“I don’t believe in space,” he said. “I’m real religious, so I think we’re alone right now. I don’t think there’s other planets and other stuff like that.”

When asked what prompted him to those beliefs, Owens cited those who think that the earth is flat.

“I started seeing flat earth stuff and I was like, this is kind of interesting,” Owens said. “They started bringing up valid points, so I mean I don’t know, could be real, couldn’t be.”

There was a slight smirk on his face as he offered his thoughts, but it was genuine.

It appears as though Owens is among those who believe that the United States faked the moon landing in 1972. He may also need to explain further his thoughts on what is in the sky when he looks up at night, because the moon is often visible from Earth— which is widely considered to be spherical.

Putting his unique thinking aside, Owens was not expected to hear his name called in April even though he is among the fastest players on the NFL Draft board. NFL organizations may be even more hesitant to call his name after hearing what he thinks about space and planets!