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The NBA GOAT debate is one that will rage on for decades with no definitive answer, but the argument over who’s the greatest shooter of all time isn’t much of an argument at all. Stephen Curry recently broke the record for the most 3-pointers made in league history, and he still has hundreds — or even thousands — left up his sleeve.

But Ray Allen, the previous record-holder, surprisingly doesn’t think the Golden State Warriors superstar is the greatest shooter he’s ever seen. According to Allen, that title belongs to Curry’s father, Dell.

Stephen Curry is the new 3-point king

Stephen Curry isn't even the best shooter in his family, according to Ray Allen.
Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors celebrates with his father, Dell Curry, after breaking Ray Allen’s 3-point record | Al Bello/Getty Images

Stephen Curry has long been considered the greatest shooter in NBA history, but he just made it official by breaking Allen’s all-time record of 2,973 career threes. And the most incredible part of the feat? He did it in 511 fewer games than Allen.

By the time he eventually walks away from the NBA, Curry might surpass 4,000 — or even 5,000 — threes, depending on how much longer he plays.

Curry also ranks eighth all-time in 3-point percentage at 43.1%, which is ridiculous if you take volume into account. Incredibly, Curry has made more threes than all seven players above him on that list have even attempted.

The future Hall of Famer also holds the record for the most threes in a single season (402), most threes in the playoffs (470), and most threes in the NBA Finals (121).

There’s no debate.

Ray Allen says Dell Curry is the greatest shooter he’s ever seen

Allen has watched Curry change the game with his lethal 3-point shooting over the years. He was in attendance for Curry’s record-breaking night in December and was one of the first to congratulate him on the accomplishment.

But he says the new 3-point king isn’t the best shooter he’s ever seen.

In a recent interview with Shaun Powell of, Allen admitted that Curry’s father, Dell, actually holds that honor.

I wouldn’t put myself in the conversation. The greatest I’ve ever seen, someone who was amazing, was Dell Curry because of the way he shot so efficiently without moving with the ball. It was like he could throw the ball up there.

But Reggie (Miller) was the greatest all-around shooter, being able to carry his team, he was an assassin. When you break it down, him being able to get to the free-throw line, great coming off screens, he wasn’t a pick-and-roll player but a guy you had to know where he was every moment of the game. Guarding him was hell for me.

Ray Allen

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the stats don’t exactly back up Allen’s hot take.

Comparing the Currys

Dell was an incredible shooter himself throughout his 16-year NBA career. There’s no denying that. But comparing him to his son is downright disrespectful.

Let’s just see how the two match up, shall we?

Career 3-pointers made
Stephen: 3,011
Dell: 1,245

Career 3-point FG percentage
Stephen: 43.1%
Dell: 40.2%

Career free-throw percentage
Stephen: 90.8%
Dell: 84.3%

Career games played
Stephen: 796
Dell: 1,083

That’s right, Stephen has made more than double the number of threes his father did, and he’s played 287 fewer games! It’s possible Allen’s comments came more from a place of jealousy than anything else.

All stats courtesy of Basketball Reference.

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