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He isn’t likely to leave the Seattle Seahawks. If things do get ugly in Seattle, it’s been reported that Russell Wilson would waive his no-trade clause for four teams. One of those teams is desperate for a quarterback and has been “persistent” in its desire to land the nine-year veteran.

Russell Wilson is a one-of-a-kind quarterback

It’s hard to imagine Russell Wilson being traded. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback has done it all in his nine years in the NFL. He’s talented, durable, and he’s a winner.

Wilson has started every game since he came into the league in 2012 as a rookie out of Wisconsin. As a rookie, Wilson tossed 26 touchdown passes and guided the Seahawks to an 11-5 record. He made the first of his seven Pro Bowls that season.

Wilson has never had a losing season a quarterback of the Seahawks. He’s taken the Seahawks to consecutive Super Bowls, winning one of them. Wilson has thrown 267 touchdowns in the regular season and has added 25 more in the postseason. His regular-season record is 98-45-1. His postseason record is 9-7.

Wilson has had a falling out in Seattle

Russell Wilson is 32 years old. Recently, he voiced his displeasure about the number of hits he’s taken during his career. He’s also asked for more say in the team’s personnel decisions, according to ESPN. He’s voiced his displeasure publicly, irking the Seahawks.

According to ESPN, there are several NFL execs who think Wilson could become available. Although Wilson has not demanded a trade, his agent said Wilson would only play for four teams. Mark Rodgers, Wilson’s agent, told Adam Schefter that Wilson would only waive his no-trade clause to play for the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, or Las Vegas Raiders.

Wilson apparently stormed out of a meeting during the season when his suggestions to help fix a slumping offense were overlooked. The Seahawks were mired in a rough stretch where they had lost three of four and frustrations were running high. Wilson was sacked 47 times this past season.

A ‘persistent’ NFC team would be an instant contender with Wilson

According to NBC Chicago, Mike Garofolo of the NFL Network was recently on Seattle sports talk radio station 950 AM KJR to discuss the Russell Wilson situation. Garofolo said he expects the Seahawks to have Wilson as their starter this season, but if things sour and they make him available, the Chicago Bears will be all-in on trading for him.

“The Bears… would do cartwheels to get Russell Wilson, at this point,” Garofolo said on 950 KJR. “They have been really persistent, from what I’m told, reciprocating the interest. I find it really interesting the way (Wilson’s agent, Mark) Rodgers is playing this one today, because the Seahawks have every intention of keeping Russell Wilson as their quarterback this upcoming season, and then we’ll see where it goes from there. That’s my impression.”

Russell Wilson on the Bears makes the Bears an instant contender. Quarterback play in Chicago has been a problem since forever. If the Seahawks and Wilson can’t patch things up, look for those Bears to make a big splash.


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