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If you’re a fan of the National Football League and sit in front of the television every Sunday, you probably hear his voice all day. Scott Hanson is the host of the NFL RedZone Channel and helps keep fans on top of the games. Every touchdown that is scored during a seven-hour span on Sunday, Hanson lets fans know about it. While Hanson is known for his in-studio work these days, he also was a member of the Syracuse football team for four years during his college days.

Scott Hanson has some hectic Sundays

Scott Hanson and the NFL RedZone came into living rooms during the 2009 NFL season. There are two versions of the RedZone Channel. The other, hosted by Andrew Siciliano and available to DirecTV customers, made its debut four years earlier in 2005. Both provide the same information and both Hanson and Siciliano find themselves scrambling every Sunday.

Hanson has been calling touchdowns for 11 years. According to CBS Radio, Hanson said he is like a caged animal on Sundays. He is given two things – a banana and a bottle of water – before the mad rush of football begins. “I’m like a caged zoo animal,” he said.

“The banana is for potassium if I need a little energy and some potassium to avoid cramping up because I get so dehydrated doing the show because I don’t drink any water. And the water is if I happen to get some dry mouth and I happen to take a tiny, tiny sip to wet my whistle, I will. But most of the time, the banana goes uneaten, and a lot of the times, the water, I barely even crack the surface of that. I am compromising my bladder for you folks to give you 60, 70 touchdowns every single Sunday in the fall. I hope people appreciate it.”

Hanson has had one bathroom break in the last seven seasons

For Scott Hanson, the NFL action never stops once kickoff begins at 1 p.m. Eastern time. It’s continuous action because once those early games end, the late-afternoon slate of games begins. Hanson doesn’t have time for anything else, including going to the bathroom.

In December of 2017, Hanson desperately needed to go to the bathroom while the games were going on. He tried to hold off until the end of the games, but just wasn’t able to. He told the producers of the show he had to go, and right there his Cal-Ripken-like streak was over.

“I kind of broke my routine, and it was a mistake,” Hanson said. “In the late window of games, nature was calling and I’m calculating it in my mind. Can I make it? Can I make it until the end of whatever games were going on at the time? Ultimately, I said, ‘I don’t think I can do it. If I do, I’m going to be miserable and it’s going to distract me from doing the show.’”

Hanson played college football at Syracuse

Scott Hanson has called himself the “Rudy” of Syracuse football without the dramatic ending. He was a walk-on with the Orangemen and played four seasons, two under head coach Dick MacPherson and two under Paul Pasqualoni.

Hanson was a teammate of Indianapolis Colts legendary wide receiver Marvin Harrison. Hanson didn’t earn a whole lot of playing time with Syracuse. He walked on as a long snapper and saw time with the scout team as a wide receiver and defensive back.

During a Twitter exchange after Hanson posted a photo of himself with Marvin Harrison, Hanson said he was proud to be a part of four winning seasons at Syracuse. “And 4-0 in Bowl games!” he tweeted.


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