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When Stephen Curry isn’t burying impossibly deep threes for the Golden State Warriors, he’s shooting his shot at various investments and trying to grow his $160 million net worth. Curry is always on the lookout for new investment opportunities, and he seems to have found his newest target: cryptocurrency.

After reaching out to his Twitter followers for some advice on entering the booming space, Curry received an unsolicited reply from none other than Tom Brady. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is a strong proponent of Bitcoin, but he’s proven in the past that he isn’t exactly the most trusted source on the subject.

Stephen Curry expresses interest in joining the cryptocurrency game

Stephen Curry is jumping on Tom Brady's cryptocurrency bandwagon.
Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors reacts during a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder | Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

More and more professional athletes are starting to push their chips to the middle of the table and go all-in on cryptocurrency. Former Seattle Seahawk Russell Okung started the trend when he converted half of his $13 million salary with the Carolina Panthers into Bitcoin last year. Many crypto fanatics now consider Okung the highest-paid offensive tackle in the NFL because of that move.

Since Okung opened the cryptocurrency gate last year, other NFL players such as Trevor Lawrence and Saquon Barkley have strutted right through. Lawrence, the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft, placed his entire $24.1 million signing bonus into a cryptocurrency account. Barkley also announced this summer that he would only be accepting future endorsement deals in Bitcoin.

Curry, who is an avid investor off the court, took to Twitter on Monday night and announced he’s entering the crypto world himself.

“Just getting started in the crypto game…y’all got any advice??” he tweeted.

Curry’s tweet already has more than 16,000 replies, but the Warriors star probably didn’t expect to receive one from the greatest NFL player of all time.

Curry receives some crypto advice from Tom Brady

Brady might be the most famous athlete who’s spoken out in support of cryptocurrency. Speaking at the CoinDesk Consensus 2021 forum back in May, Brady admitted he has invested in crypto and is in the game for the long haul.

“I don’t think it’s going anywhere,” Brady said. “I’m still learning so much. It’s definitely something I’m going to be in for a long time.

“The world is changing, we all just have to understand it’s constant change and you can either be ahead of the curve or behind it and I’m choosing to be ahead of it. As someone who wants to be on the forefront of things, I’m going to help create the trend and adopt it and recognize this is where the world is heading.”

Brady is such a big crypto fan that he recently changed his Twitter profile picture to a photo of himself with “laser eyes” edited on his face, which is a popular trend in the online Bitcoin community. So when Curry reached out to his followers for some advice on getting started in the space, Brady decided to offer him an important warning.

“Whatever you do…don’t do laser eyes!” Brady tweeted in a reply.

But what does that even mean? Let us explain.

Brady’s warning stems from his own Bitcoin experience

OK, let’s rewind back to May. Brady is just getting involved in the cryptocurrency game at this point. His glowing comments on crypto go viral online, and Twitter users start to urge Brady to turn on “laser eyes” in solidarity.

So, that’s exactly what he did. On the day Brady changed his profile picture, Bitcoin stood at $56,245. A month later, it had dipped all the way to $34,665.

Brady might be the most prolific winner in NFL history, but it turns out he might be a jinx for BTC. Now that the QB is heavily invested in crypto, he doesn’t want to see Curry make the same mistake he did and tank Bitcoin’s value with a single profile picture change.

Brady’s hilarious warning might be the best advice Curry will receive all week.