The 2020 Heisman Trophy Winner Will Be Crowned in a Way Unlike Any Other in Award’s Long History

Each December, college football’s best players gather in New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation. This year’s winner will be crowned in a way unlike any other in the award’s history.

Kyle Dalton  •  16 Nov 2020
CBS Could Have an Issue With The Masters and the NFL on Sunday but Tony Romo Gets a $1 Million Week Off

With CBS airing the final round of The Masters and the NFL on Sunday, problems could arise but Tony Romo won’t have a problem taking a paid week off.

Luke Norris  •  13 Nov 2020
What Happens at the Bottom of an NFL Pile After a Fumble?

When the football is fumbled, a mad rush ensues as players pile on top of each other, fighting for the ball. What really goes on in that NFL pile?

Mike Thomas  •  09 Nov 2020
The Joe Buck Haters Are About To Lose Their Collective Mind

Fox Sports play-by-play announcer Joe Buck is a finalist for the Ford Frick Award from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

John Moriello  •  03 Nov 2020
Why Don’t NFL Punters Use the Coffin Corner Anymore?

Why don’t NFL punters, like Hall of Famer Ray Guy, use the coffin corner anymore? It’s become a lost art on special teams.

Mike Thomas  •  01 Nov 2020
Fox Sports Sideline Reporter Kristina Pink Earned Pam Oliver’s Instant Respect

Kristina Pink’s strong background in reporting has made her a dependable sideline contributor for Fox Sports on ‘Thursday Night Football.’

John Moriello  •  22 Oct 2020
Kevin Harlan Used to Annoy His Brother With His Announcing

Legendary sports announcer Kevin Harlan used to annoy his brother with all of his broadcasting at a young age.

Mike Thomas  •  21 Oct 2020
NBC’s Al Michaels Agrees That NFL Games Are ‘Not as Much Fun’ Without Fans in the Stands

While NBC’s Al Michaels has been able to watch NFL games in person, he agrees with the rest of us: football isn’t the same without live fans.

Joe Kozlowski  •  02 Nov 2020
Fox Rules Analyst Mike Pereira Changed How We Watch NFL Games

Fox Sports hired former NFL executive Mike Pereira in 2010 as the first rules analyst for weekly broadcasts.

John Moriello  •  18 Oct 2020