Cris Collinsworth’s Father Was a Solid Athlete in His Own Right and Won a National Basketball Championship With the Kentucky Wildcats

Cris Collinsworth’s father, Abe Collinsworth, won an NCAA national basketball championship with the Kentucky Wildcats under Adolph Rupp.

Luke Norris  •  27 Dec 2020
Does the NFL Always Play Games on Christmas?

While the NFL dominates Thanksgiving, the NBA typically dominates Christmas. How often does the NFL actually play games on Christmas, though?

David Wysong  •  24 Dec 2020
Why Are There NFL Games on Saturday in Week 15 and Who Is Playing?

A look at the 2020 NFL Week 15 schedule, which includes two games on Saturday.

Luke Norris  •  17 Dec 2020
The $100 Billion NFL Plan Will Have Fans Feeling Restless

NFL fans might not like what the league plans to do on Monday and Thursday nights when it awards its next TV contracts.

John Moriello  •  17 Dec 2020
The NFL Makes It Official: The 2020 Playoffs Won’t Be Played in a Bubble

While the NFL playoffs are just around the corner, the league confirmed that teams won’t be going into a mandatory bubble.

Joe Kozlowski  •  16 Dec 2020
After Pandemic Almost Canceled Season, Texas School for the Deaf Football Team Wins Historic State Title

The Texas School for the Deaf faced cancellation of its football season due to the pandemic. Instead, the team found a way to play and won a state title.

Kyle Dalton  •  14 Dec 2020
What Is Hyperice and Why Are so Many Teams Using It?

If you’ve watched any sports recently, you’ve likely seen Hyperice products being used on the sidelines during the game. What is Hyperice and how does it work?

Kyle Dalton  •  13 Dec 2020
Mike Tyson and Marshawn Lynch Have Both Made So Much Money That They Own a Pro Football Team Together

Mike Tyson and Marshawn Lynch were both successful in their respective careers. Now, they both own a pro football team together.

David Wysong  •  13 Dec 2020
How Is the NFL Kicking Ball, or K-Ball, Different From the Regular Ball and Why Was It Introduced in the First Place?

A look at how the NFL kicking ball, otherwise known as the K-Ball, is different from the regular football and why it can cause problems.

Luke Norris  •  10 Dec 2020