NFL Fans Are Dealing With Crushing News From Dish Network

Dish Network and Sinclair Broadcasting Group are in a dispute that could deprive satellite TV viewers of numerous college and NFL games beginning Aug. 16.

John Moriello  •  10 Aug 2021
Usain Bolt Reveals Why He Never Tried to Play in the NFL: ‘We Talked About Football for a While’

Usain Bolt’s speed would have been unstoppable in the NFL, and he even received offers from teams in the past during his legendary Olympic career. So, why did the fastest man of all-time never try to play pro football? He recently revealed his reasoning and whether he would play today if he weren’t retired.

David Wysong  •  31 Jul 2021
You Know Herschel Walker as a Heisman Trophy Winner, but Remember When He Joined the Olympic Bobsled Team?

Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker participated in the 1992 Winter Olympics as a member of a four-man bobsled team.

Jake Elman  •  22 Jul 2021
Archie Manning Reveals There’s Finally a Non-Quarterback in the Football Family

Former NFL quarterback Archie Manning revealed there is another up-and-coming Manning in the football family, but he doesn’t throw or catch footballs.

Mike Thomas  •  01 Apr 2021
Which NFL Teams Owned the Best and Worst Records During the 16-Game Schedule Era?

The Pittsburgh Steelers possessed the best record in the NFL’s 16-game era, which lasted 43 years. The league moves o a 17-game regular season in 2021.

John Moriello  •  30 Mar 2021
Did Ex-NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue Play in a Fixed College Basketball Game?

Then-NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue suggested in a 1991 congressional hearing that he played in a college basketball game that might have been part of a point-shaving scandal.

John Moriello  •  26 Mar 2021
Why Players May Spend Halftime of the Super Bowl Munching on Orange Slices

When halftime of the Super Bowl hits, players on the Buccaneers and Chiefs may spend that time eating orange slices. There’s a reason for that choice.

Jake Elman  •  06 Feb 2021
Why Is the NFL’s Man of the Year Award Named After Walter Payton?

Every year, the NFL gives out its Man of the Year Award. Why is that honor named after the legendary Chicago Bears’ running back Walter Payton?

Joe Kozlowski  •  06 Feb 2021
Why Is a Quarterback Called a Quarterback in the NFL?

The quarterback position dates back to the earliest days of the sport, but the duties of an NFL quarterback used to be far, far different.

William Pitts  •  09 Jan 2021