A Tweet From Lamar Jackson and a Text From Meek Mill Should Make Robert Kraft Reconsider the Future in Foxborough

Trading for Lamar Jackson should be a no-brainer for the New England Patriots.

Stephen Sheehan  •  31 Mar 2023
Former NFL GM Mike Lombardi Blasts Falcons Owner Arthur Blank for ‘Ridiculous’ Lamar Jackson Stance

Mike Lombardi thinks it’s ‘ridiculous’ Arthur Blank and the Falcons are out on Lamar Jackson after being in on Deshaun Watson last year.

Tim Crean  •  31 Mar 2023
Asante Samuel’s Warning to Lamar Jackson Isn’t the First Time the Ex-Patriot Has Knocked Bill Belichick

Former Patriots player Asante Samuel told Lamar Jackson he doesn’t want to play for Bill Belichick.

Luke Norris  •  30 Mar 2023
Lamar Jackson Trade Grenade Proves 1 Reason Not Having an Agent is a Good Thing

There is no Lamar Jackson agent and the QB showed why that can be a good thing with his tweet before Ravens coach John Harbaugh’s press conference.

Tim Crean  •  28 Mar 2023
Dolphins’ New Defender DeShon Elliott Disrespects Tua Tagovailoa By Recruiting Lamar Jackson

DeShon Elliott has only been on the Dolphins a few days but he’s got the attention of Tua Tagovailoa now with his tweet about Lamar Jackson.

Tim Crean  •  27 Mar 2023
Lamar Jackson Rumors: Potential Patriots Trade Makes Bill Belichick’s Franchise-Altering Decision Look Even Worse

Bill Belichick would have to admit failure from a past decision if the New England Patriots trade for Lamar Jackson.

Stephen Sheehan  •  21 Mar 2023
The Real Reason Teams are Out on Lamar Jackson is Embarrassing to NFL Owners

The biggest financial reason teams aren’t willing to offer a fully-guaranteed Lamar Jackson contract is embarrassing for rich NFL owners.

Tim Crean  •  09 Mar 2023
Adam Schefter Makes Excuses for NFL ‘Collusion’ Over Lamar Jackson

Adam Schefter defends the league refusing to bid on a Lamar Jackson contract after the Ravens tagged him, saying it isn’t collusion.

Tim Crean  •  08 Mar 2023
4 Teams That Can Steal QB From Ravens After the Lamar Jackson Franchise Tag

After the Lamar Jackson franchise tag, the Ravens will lose the QB to a team willing to give up two picks and a big Lamar Jackson contract.

Tim Crean  •  07 Mar 2023